Selena Gomez Boobs

Selena Gomez Boobs

Selena Gomez Boobs – Breast Implants Before and After Pictures

There is no doubt that Selena is a successful musician and actress in Hollywood. Like most youngsters trying to get to the top in Hollywood, emulating the sex symbol set b older celebrity seems to be the norm. Not all people are born natural sex symbols but thank God for plastic surgery every woman can be turned into one. When news about Selena Gomez boobs hit celebrity gossip columns, her fans went crazy with anticipation to determine whether or not the star had indeed be initiated in the Hollywood norm of plastic surgery. There is too much competition in Hollywood such that some stars are pushed to turn to plastic surgery just to attain competitive edge in this industry full of beautiful people. This might just be the case for Selena. According to speculations trending in the social media, the young actress and musician is thought to have had her breasts enhanced.

Selena Gomez Boobs

Selena Breast Implants 

When it comes to changes in breast size, it is not a guarantee that one has had implants. Selena could just be a victim of Hollywood stereotypes. However, on the other side, she could really have had the surgery. Until Selena comes out to openly deny or confirm these allegations, her breast implant allegations will remain this way forever. However, this does not mean that these allegations will disappear. Provided she keeps flaunting her new breast size the way she does in most of her recent pictures, more speculations will be born. In her early years in Hollywood, her breasts were A cups but her after photos trending in the internet show the young celebrity with a new set of C cups. Definitely Selena’s breasts have grown but the doubt lies in the reason behind this bust increase.

How True Are These Allegations?

The truth behind the plastic surgery allegations is hard to find. When it comes to determining the pastiness behind a celebrity’s breast, her age may add up to the controversies. At the age of 22, Selena is expected to experience normal body changes of women of her age. Her breasts are expected to grow bigger since a woman in her early twenties is often at the pick of her attractiveness. It is not that big a surprise that the star showed up with C cups. However, celebrity bloggers claim that this transformation occurred too soon unlike for other women who undergo these transformations gradually. Additionally, there is the issue of dressing. Pushup bras are known to give the impression of a huge bust by propping up a woman’s breast. Those arguing on Selena’s defense are for the idea of a push up bra. However, it is difficult to buy into this argument considering the fact that some revealing clothes worn by Selena do not evidence a pushup bra.

Surgery Results

Even when a star chooses to remain quite about allegations, fans and critics are not deterred to go ahead and rate her results. In this case, Selena’s bra size seems perfect for her frame. Her firm, round and dense breasts, too perfect for them to be natural according to speculators have done wonders for her feminine figure. Generally, she looks nice in almost every cloth she wears. Definitely more confident than before, her new bra size has given her the aura associated with elegant young women. She needs this type of confidence for her career. There still are doubts about the validity of these speculations, however, most critics who strongly believe that the youngster has had breast implants claim that they it was too soon. Breast implants are suitable for women who are sure that their breasts have reached the peak of growth.