Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Who does not love Selena Gomez? She is a multi-talented, young lady and has singing, acting, philanthropy and fashion designing to her credentials. She entered the television industry with ‘Barney and Friends’ at the age of 8. Now that’s an accomplishment! She set an uptrend in various fields and till date her glamor has not waned. She is loved for the roles she played in ‘Ramona and Beezus’, ‘Monte Carlo’ and ‘Hotel Transylvania’. She has a perfect, chubby and child like face which is loved by all. The luscious dark locks of her mane can make men go weak on their knees. She has curves at all the right places. But there are speculations that after riding into fame with her exceptionally good singing prowess, Selena underwent plastic surgery.

Boob Job

There were a lot of rumors about Selena Gomez’s boob job. One big question on everybody’s mind was , ”Did Selena Gomez have a boob job done or not?” These rumors were ignited when she was spotted wearing a low cut black tank top. When she stepped out in New York on 9th of July the previous year, she turned heads with a much curvier figure. Even the surgeons made their guesses regarding her breast enhancement. Dr. Jonathan Shifren said that he suspects that Selena underwent breast augmentation. Her breasts looked fuller and we can see outline of the upper part of the implant. Her breasts tend to be high on chest wall as it happens in the case of immediate post- operative period. Dr. Jonathan’s imprint from her few pictures is that she underwent the operation pretty recently. Dr. Steve Fallek, in his statement, said, ”Right boob is a dead giveaway. Way too shapely and fuller which can happen only with a surgery.”However, many sources believe that she didn’t get any surgery or enhancement done and her breasts are au naturel. Her rep also maintains that she did’nt have any kind of breast augmentation. Though she has herself not declared anything publicly yet.

Nose Job

Even before the boob enhancement rumors died, there was another speculation for Selena Gomez recently. Whisper came rolling that Selena had a nose job done. We see that out of ten, nine Hollywood personalities are accused of undergoing Rhinoplasty. It seems that God forgot to give all the celebrities an ideal nose! There are claims that she got light and hard to notice nose job done. Her nose appears to be slightly thin and petite in her recent photos. But maybe we can just give credits of a changed nose appearance to her makeup artists. Why will she actually go under the knives to have such a minute change in her appearance when makeup can do this work without any pain?

The Results

Despite the bizarre speculations, we can say that there are only thirty percent chances of Selena having undergone any type of surgery. We can understand from her photos that she has gained some weight. Maybe big breast is just the end result of this weight gain. She is an innocent and timeless beauty who is loved by all. Also, as she is only 23, she doesn’t need any surgery at such a young age.