Sissy Spacek Nose Job

Sissy Spacek Nose Job

Sissy Spacek Nose Job – Before and After Photos

She was born as Mary Elizabeth Spacek on the 25th of December 1949 in Quitman Texas in the United States. She is an American actress and singer who has three Golden Globes and Academy awards to her name. She is the daughter to Edwin Arnold and Virginia Frances. Her father worked as an agricultural agent at the county level. She inherited a polish, Irish and English ancestry from her mother’s side and a German and Czech ancestry rom her father’s side. She has shared that losing her brother Robbie was the turning point of her life since his death hit her hard. She began her career in the 70s after portraying the role of Holly Sargis in the film work Badlands. Her breakthrough moment in her acting career was when she played Carrie White in the famous horror film Carrie. His role earned her her first Oscar nomination in the industry.

Nose Job Speculations

At the age of 66, Sissy looks young and refreshed with a major alteration in her looks. It is speculated that she has engaged in a few procedures including the anti-aging, usual for women of her age. However, it is her nose job that is the most famous of all her procedures. There is a huge difference in her nose as a new actress and her nose as the veteran actress she is now. She has remained tight lipped regarding the trending speculations but Dr. Michael Salzhauer’s professional opinion rests her case. A cording to eh surgeon, the nose job is so obvious that it should no longer be considered as mere speculation. He observes that her after nose is smaller with a slender tip as opposed to her relatively bulbous before nose.

Sissy Spacek Nose Job

Celebrities are ever obsessed with their looks and this explains why sissy may have taken the decision to alter the shape and size of her nose. As a singer an actress in Hollywood, she has to ensure that she looks spectacular at all times. It is amazing how a feature as small as a nose can affect their entire appearance. Since celebrities have discovered that a nose job is the easiest way to revolutionize their looks. As much as nose jobs are often treated as minor procedures, they too can go wrong earning a celebrities too much criticism.

Surgery Results

When it comes to judging the results of a nose job. It is not always the slenderness of the nose that counts. As much as Sissy’s after nose is more refined, her new nose does not match the rest of her facial features. Her look is quite strange and many critics argue that she looked better before the speculated surgery. It no longer matters how many procedures a celebrity has had. Gone are the days when plastic surgery was a taboo. What matters are the results of the surgery and as for Sissy, the results do not do it for her. She can opt for a corrective surgery to get a nose size which suits the shape of her face.