Soleil Moon Frye Before Surgery

soleil moon frye before surgery

Soleil Moon Frye Before Surgery Pictures

Soleil Moon Frye began her life as a buoyant girl who cherished her chosen career as a great actor. She is fondly remembered as the teenage actor who charmed children through her character as Punky in the celebrated sitcom Punky Brewster. Many people who saw the young actor consider her talent as exceptional because of her free spirit and girlish charm. With the passage of time, this great actor began to fend of slurs from friends and peers who considered her breasts as extraordinarily massive. At age 15, Soleil had a 38 DD breast size. It was too big for a teenager of 5 feet 1 inch. The size of her boobs made some children and adults to make fun of her with the derogatory reference of Punky Boobster instead of Brewster.

soleil moon frye before surgery

Soleil’s Massive Bust – The Physiological and Psychological Torture She Incurred

A girl of 15 or 16 will always find it rough and tough when the whole world takes interest in her breasts for all the wrong reasons. The problem becomes even tougher when such a girl is only making inroads in the murky celebrity world. Soleil could not be comforted by friends or family as the reputation she had built as a teenage actor faced the threat of gossip and speculations. She could cry for whole hours as she pondered how to face the disapproving masses. She could not hug people and she was never comfortable with the stares she received from other girls. Moreover, the teenage celebrity had problems with her back and shoulders because of the sheer weight of her bust. Fortunately, somebody came up with the idea of plastic surgery and all the people around her declared their support.

Enduring the Long Hours of Breast Surgery and the Longer Healing Period

The breast reduction in Beverly Hills seemed to last for an eternity. Soleil endured the pain and patience of over 4000 stitches. Her breasts were reduced in a highly complex process that required utmost perfection. While in the plastic surgery theater, there is always the risk of something going wrong. Luckily, Beverly Hills has some of the most gifted plastic surgeons in the world. The operation was successfully completed. What followed was a long recovery period, which called for the patience of the celebrity, her family, and friends. Photos of Soleil before the surgery show a girl who wrestled endlessly with the shape and size of her boobs. She was disproportionate and bulky. In fact, one of her breasts was bigger than the second one. The surgeon had to fix the problem.

A Great Feeling Afterwards

Soliel felt completely relieved and rejuvenated after the surgical operation. She had the feeling of a girl who had been given a new lease of life. She could make friends and hug them anywhere she chanced upon them. She even had the courage to begin dating. A new dawn had finally come. Previously, Soliel lacked the courage to dress appropriately because she did not want to expose her breasts to the world. After the surgery, she had to reorganize her wardrobe in ways that suited her new bust size. Some celebrities go for plastic enhancements for the fun of it. Others walk into the surgeon’s space with serious concerns. Soliel is among the latter.

Not Everyone Ends Up Lucky

Only the lucky ones walk out of the plastic surgeon’s theater with smiling faces. According to some experts in the field, breast reduction is one of the toughest jobs in the celebrity world. There is the ugly likelihood of walking away with two asymmetrical breasts. There should be no guesswork in the theater. In this regard, Soliel should count herself lucky because of the marvelous appearance she acquired after the surgery. She did not have to go under the trauma of repeated surgeries. In fact, she thought she had lost the sensation of her nipples after the procedure. Luckily, she regained them after a short while. She is now 38 and in the prime of motherhood. Indeed, she is one celebrity who must say many great things about plastic surgery.