Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Stana Katic was born on the 26th of April 1978 in Ontario Canada to a Croatian mother and a Serbian father. She is an American beauty with an acting talent to match. She was first brought to the limelight after her role in the television series Castle. Later, she earned herself more roles in other television and film shows with her beauty seeing to her nomination as the television hottest actress by the Buddy television. Though not the typical famous actress, she is a sight to behold and her current looks have earned her the attention of plastic surgery speculators. It is speculated that the transformation in her facial appearance is owed to a nose job. Her fans agree that the actress has undergone a transformation in her appearance but there is a considerable degree of uncertainty surrounding the cause of this transformation. Despite the uncertainties the rhinoplatsy speculations surrounding the celebrity are yet to die off.

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

Stana Katic Nose Job 

Rhinoplasty is the only of Stana Katic plastic surgery. Her nose has undergone a reduction through the reduction rhinoplasty procedure. Reduction rhinoplasty includes the reduction of nasal tissue to make the nose less fat. Rhinoplasty comes after breast surgery in the list of Hollywood most common procedures. Beauty in Hollywood is defined by different parameters and the shape and size of specific features matter a lot. With the pressure to become famous and successful, celebrities have to ensure that they look their best. The pressure to look good does not only come from Hollywood but from fans as well. The pretty faced celebrities enjoy more love and adoration from fans than the less pretty faced ones. It comes as no surprise that celebrities are in a constant quest of beauty and Stana Katic nose job is one such quest.

Truth or Speculations? 

A comparison of her before and after photos evidence a change in the shape and size of her nose. However, does this necessarily mean rhinoplasty? This is a question that can only been answered by the actress who has unfortunately chosen to remain silent over these speculations. In her before photos, her nose is fat with a round tip and wide ridge; this has changed for the better in terms of Hollywood’s ideal nose. She now has a much thinner nose with a sharp and pointed tip. If the allegations are true, the star enjoyed a case of good surgeons who ensured to transform her into the perfect Hollywood actress in terms of appearance. A nose like hers is considered elegant and rare. However, there is a slim possibility that she could be benefiting from the services of a skilled makeup artist. Makeup has transformed faces and when in the hand of the right artist, not so perfect features can be transformed into perfect features.

What do speculators have to say? 

Stana Katic plastic surgery speculations have attracted the attention of accredited plastic surgeons. According to Dr. Peter Wenkwitz, the transformation on the actress’s nose is obvious and it is as a result of surgery. He adds that she has benefited from experienced surgeons since despite the surgery being obvious; the results speak of a qualified professional. Her nose job has been praised by most critics and celebrity bloggers. Throughout her career, Stana has not been followed by any surgery speculations except her nose job, luckily for her first surgery went well. It is a good thing that she has managed to stay off other unnecessary surgeries and all you can hope is that she keeps up this trend. After all, you can hardly go wrong with nature.