Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

sylvester stallone plastic surgery

Sylvester Stallone Plastic Surgery and New Look

Has it ever crossed your mind that one of the muscular actors in the movies of Rambo series could actually fall victim to plastic surgery just like the other Hollywood stars? Well, ageing seems far from the popular Sylvester Stallone , which partly confirms the rumours that he might have taken time under the knife.

sylvester stallone plastic surgery

Botox injections

One of the easiest things to notice from the face of this actor is that his forehead is still dazzling smooth and tight just like that of a youthful being. Despite rolling sixty and beyond, he still enjoys the body of someone below 40. He must have used Botox injections, probably during his acting period, which still has a significant effect on his appearance.


A browlift and some jawline job can also be determined from his images. This did not go so well though, because his eyebrows are not as good as those that he originally had. The jawline too looks tighter and sharper than before. These two were overdone and his enthusiasts can acknowledge that he does not look like the real Sylvester Stallone that they are used to.


One of the doctors, David Shafer, actually once mentioned that there are visible signs of scars that could be results of a facelift surgery. He does not seem to have any of the saggy skins that people at his age often battle with. He does look improved from the photos that people have seen previously, although some attribute this to his exercise regime and diet. However, it is plastic surgery coupled with these two that has kept him looking youthful and fit in all the action roles where he is featured.

The surgery has worked undoubtedly well for Sylvester Stallone, which raises a serious issue regarding the double standards that might be rocking the Hollywood world. When actresses and female celebrities go under the knife, it is considered a deep sense of insecurity and low self esteem. It actually comes as a shocking revelation. However, as the male actors too go down the same path, it comes out as something normal, excusably because of the rough appearance that they have, which needs to be fixed.