Taylor Armstrong Before Plastic Surgery

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

With her sprightly figure, attractive stare, marvelous height, and smooth skin complexion, Taylor Armstrong cuts the perfect image of a successful celebrity. It is in public knowledge that Armstrong spares no opportunity to showcase her glamorous body to a growing number of dedicated fans at home and abroad. There is little doubt that Taylor Armstrong is one of the highly profiled female celebrities on big and small television screens in the United States. She uses her beauty and captivating personality to conceal a past of marital stress and other troubles that have defined her life. Indeed, the world knows that Armstrong’s personal life required some cosmetic therapies to correct aspects of her features, which fell below her idea of perfect feminine beauty. There has been an intensifying interest in the curious celebrity world regarding the image of Taylor Armstrong before plastic surgery. It appears like every fan wants to evaluate the effectiveness of the surgeon’s knife.

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery

Armstrong Images, Then and Now:

Multiple images on the internet and various beauty magazines and celebrity publications show that Taylor Armstrong lacked her present full lips before the plastic surgery. The remarkable change of the lips appears to have given the celebrity some element of magic in terms of the strong presence she casts on her television audiences. Armstrong has left millions of her female viewers wondering how they could get a similar elixir to obtain and retain the spark of girlishness. There is no end to the number of speculations, which attempt to explain the nature of cosmetic surgery that changed the celebrity into a typical American blond almost overnight. The lips of Taylor Armstrong before surgery looked alright, but her current image shows some clear emphasis on suppleness, shape, and size. The nature of the lips has given the celebrity a Mona Lisa kind of balanced beauty and feminine appeal.

The Riddle of Armstrong’s Full Cheeks and Smooth Forehead:

Armstrong’s patience with the surgeon’s knife rewarded her with full cheeks and a smooth forehead. A number of experts in cosmetic surgery have attempted to offer professional speculation on the nature therapy sought by the renowned celebrity. However, the real truth about Armstrong’s transformation was let out by her experienced and highly skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif. According to the doctor, it was necessary to administer some Radiesse injections, which helped in redeeming the celebrity’s beauty from the adverse effect of irregular temples. Some speculators in the discrete corners of the celebrity world insist that the intensive cosmetic surgeries were necessary to mend the damage rendered on the celebrity’s face from the impact of sustained domestic brutality. This angle of speculation gained currency following the revelation of truth on the regular beatings, which Armstrong incurred from her late husband.

The Miraculous Effect of Botox and Fillers:

The near miraculous conversion of Armstrong from an average celebrity to an excellent image of feminine mystique derives partly from the effect of botox treatments and the various fillers, which the celebrity received from her skilled surgeon. The fillers and the Botox had tremendous improvements on the image of the eyes and the perfect contours around the cheeks and temples. The Botox treatments seem to have been carried out with precision and patience, which resulted in the leveling of some uneasy bulges that are noticeable on Taylor Armstrong before surgery. Although nobody knows for sure whether the celebrity received some other surgical remedies, there is growing speculation that Armstrong went under her surgeon’s knife to improve her nose into its current thinner and sharper appearance. Judging from the great results that came out of her efforts, one can easily affirm that Armstrong had every reason to enlist the services of her competent plastic surgeon.