Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery Before and After

Teri Hatcher is a household name in the American Entertainment Industry. She is a presenter, writer, actress, and former National Football League Cheerleader. She is famous for her role as Lois Lane on the series “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” and her role as Susan Mayer on the critically-acclaimed television series “Desperate Housewives”. She has won numerous accolades such as three Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe award, and an Emmy nomination. Teri has a signature smile that adds to the vibrancy of her face. At the age of 49, she is still a beauty queen. There are doubts as to whether she has aged gracefully or whether she has resorted to plastic surgery to neutralize the impact of the hands of time.


Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Rumors

There are several versions of rumors surrounding the claim that Teri Hatcher has had plastic surgery. She is suspected of undergoing various procedures such as a face lift, a nose job, cheek implants, breast implants, eye lift surgery, Botox injections and filler injections.

Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Face Lift and Botox Injections

Celebrity watchers are of the view that Teri Hatcher has undergone extensive facial plastic surgery. Her before and after pictures reveal that her face is a little weird since it has a frozen look due to excessive Botox and other filler injections. In spite of her advanced age, there is no single wrinkle on or around the actress’s face. However, her skin is extremely tightened making it difficult for her to smile. Very few women of her age have a wrinkle-free forehead without the help of plastic surgery.

Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Eyelid Surgery and Cheek Implants

Her eyelids appear to be more droopy and puffy than in her before pictures, a possible indicator that she has had an eyelid surgery. It is suspected that she had a lower eye lift. A London plastic surgeon claimed that her surgeon probably used the technique of removing the fat under the eyeball, a procedure which yields excellent results and removes the threat of scarring. Her eyelid surgery looks natural because it was not overdone. Rumors of cheek implants have arisen from the fact that the actress’s cheeks seem to be fuller than they were before.

Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Breast Augmentation

It is speculated that the actress has had breast implants. Her bra size is 32 C. Her full and firmbreasts have attracted claims that they are unnatural. Terri has denied that she had had any work done on her breasts. There is no proof as to whether the breasts are real or plastic. For now, people will have to keep on guessing.

Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Nose Job

Teri Hatcher’s nose is distinctly different in her before and after pictures. In her before pictures the nose is wide and has stiff edges. In her after pictures, it is narrower and more refined. A cosmetic surgeon expert has stated that her nostrils appears to be different-sized, a clear sign of Rhinoplasty.

Teri Hatcher Breast Implants Plastic Surgery Denial

Teri Hatcher has not had a clear stand on whether or not she has had plastic surgery. Sometimes she admits, sometimes she denies. In a Glamour Magazine interview in March 2006, she admitted that she had used Collagen and Botox in the past. She went on to say that she was not satisfied with the results and she decided she would never use plastic surgery again. She stated that she had never used Restylane or undergone invasive plastic surgery. She prefers make-up to plastic surgery because make-up is temporary while plastic surgery is permanent. She posted pictures of her without make-up to prove that she had not had Botox or other filler injections, but she did not convince many people. She has uploaded too many photos to denounce the rumors. Many believe that the fact that she tries too hard is evidence that she has had extensive plastic surgery.

Teri Hatcher still has the X factor. There is no doubt that she used plastic surgery in the past, even though she may have stopped currently. The plastic surgery has assisted her to maintain her youthful looks. She is proof that knowing when to stop is the key to plastic surgery success.