Tom Cruise Teeth

tom cruise teeth

Tom Cruise Teeth – Before and After Pictures

It is said a smile is worth a thousand words. From the Mona Lisa to today’s celebs there is something totally fascinating about a smile. You wouldn’t actually bat an eye when you see people getting braces or going for surgery to get that million dollar smile .Besides, nowadays braces are often worn to make a fashion statement. Turns out, Tom Cruise is one of the celebs who have been bit by the ‘smile bug’ and surgery is the Holy Grail for tom’s case, it’s not about the lips but the teeth.

tom cruise teeth

So How was Tom Cruise before?

Tom cruise has always been known to have arguably the best Hollywood smile that leaves people dying with jealous. Few people remember a time when he had some horrible teeth. It only seem as though his upper front teeth had a massive gap for a midline. Obviously, to him this look was not living up to his Hollywood standard. so, why not visit keepers of the holy grail of smiles, huh.

So, The Surgery Happened.

After surgery, Tom had big front teeth with a big nose to match. Clearly, a smile to die is as though his upper jaw was wholly shifted to the right. A million dollar smile to match his celeb status. Soon enough the paparazzi wouldn’t get enough of him.

Obviously this was not the last of the surgeries that Tom would have. When you smile is famed all over Hollywood, it’s only natural that you would want to improve you looks. You just couldn’t get enough of yourself now would you Tom. Right around 2002 tom wore braces with ceramic brackets rendering them invisible.

Other Surgeries?

Rumour has it that tom has had multiple surgeries ranging from a nose job, liposuction, laser skin treatment…you name it. These are the extremes he goes to maintain his is also rumoured that he might be considering Botox shots to vaporise 10 years from him. This is besides being strict about his diet; a low carb meal plan consisting of 1200-1300 calories per day and a three hour work out.

So how has surgery changed him in the number of years?

While each surgery is different, each time tom has had a surgery; it has drawn mixed reaction from the public. His most recent puffy face would not have missed scrutiny from the public with some people arguing that midlife has caught up the mission impossible actor. Blame it on Nicole? Or is it Katie?

Nonetheless, Tom appears as he has always had, glamorously showing up at major events with a killer smile. It has got to be the perks of scientology.

Other smiles

There are many other celebs out there that have had the same or some other different surgery to enhance their smile. The results are quite different as one would expect. While some have been proud of the results of their surgeries, other surgeries have proved to be a terrible mistake that cost the celebs their looks. Turns out going for the surgery can easily turn to a make or break moment. The right surgeon is the answer.