Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Valerie Harper is a veteran American actress famous for her role as Rhoda in the Mary Tyler Moore television series. Her acting talent together with her striking looks have seen her succeed in her career. However at eh age of 76, she can no longer trust her natural appearance to earn her fame and success in Hollywood. As it seems, Hollywood is a place for the young and pretty and every celebrity has no choice but to hold onto their youthful appearance. Valerie is no exception as her face show the tell tale signs of anti aging procedures. Her before and after photos trending on the internet have sparked debate among speculators on whether or not the star is still a natural beauty. Like the rest of the veteran Hollywood celebrities, she is speculated to have turned to facelift and Botox to look as young as she does.

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

Facelift and Botox Claims 

Facelift and Botox are common among women looking to fight wrinkles in their faces. Botox is loved by celebrities due to its non invasive nature. However, Botox has its other side which turns the users face into a plastic and unbearable sight. It works by smoothing out wrinkles and when used in the right amounts, one is able to hold onto their youthful appearance. Facelift and Botox work together to complement the effect of each other. Usually, when a celebrity shows up with a shiny and wrinkle free face, these procedures are the first suspect. This does not mean that all smooth faced veteran actresses have used these procedures; there are other anti aging procedures and natural means of reversing the aging process. Anti aging cream, diet and exercise are the known natural anti aging procedure. However, most celebrities prefer cosmetic surgery as a red carpet trick for its quick results.

Surgery or Good Genes?

Valerie Harper graceful aging techniques have been the source of controversy among celebrity bloggers. However, it is difficult to believe that the wrinkles that were visible on the star’s face at the age of 72 disappeared through natural means when she clocked 76. It is not impossible to fight old age but you will agree that the celeb changes associated with these stars occur in an all of a sudden manner suggesting plastic surgery. Apparently, the actress is not a case of good genes but a beneficiary of anti aging surgeries. Her face is smooth and shinny a characteristic of Botox. The lack of wrinkles on her forehead is also characteristic of both Botox and facelifts. Facelifts are usually accompanied with neck lifts to ensure consistency but in her case, the neck lift speculations seem out of question.

Surgery Results 

Luckily for the celebrity she does not have to deal with the negative side of these anti aging procedures. She had them in moderation and the result is that she has taken almost twenty years off her face. Her face is a sight to behold and it has given her the edge every celebrity desires. Cosmetic surgery has helped celebrities revive their careers and Valerie Harper plastic surgery is one that has enabled her maintain her career success. Despite the fact that the star has not confirmed the allegations, it is clear that her present youthful looks will continue to give birth to debates. Recently, she was diagnosed with cancer cells but the good thing is that she is bold enough to live with eth condition without self pity. We hope that with the surgeries, she will be able to harness into her positive energy and take her career a step further.