Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 4th of September 1982. She is a renowned comedian and actress who is famous for her role in the MTV show Punk’d. Aside from her acting career, she has also made other major contributions in show biz. She created the television sitcom Whitney and helped create other shows. The sassy actress has been known for her killer looks and her thrilling comic performances. She has gotten speculators interested in her case. Lately, she showed up with some transformations that were very suggestive of a surgical procedure. Only a few months shy of 32, it is thought that she has benefited from a few nips and tucks to accentuate her looks in preparation for the aging process.

Whitney Cummings Surgery: Truth or Speculations? 

Allegedly, the changes you see on Whitney’s face are as a result of her visit to the surgeon’s clinic. She is thought to have had herself fixed up in order to keep up with the competition in Hollywood by staying young and beautiful. Since the truth is yet to be confirmed, you can always consider the possibility of other factors like make up and lighting effect. Since the speculations are based on a comparison of her before and after photos, you should consider the fact that lighting effects are used to create different impressions which may make you see changes that are actually virtual. Makeup too has transformed the most innocent of looks into daring and bold looks. Despite this, there are some changes in the star’s face that cannot be wholly explained by these factors.

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery

What Does She Have To Say? 

She was accused of consulting the procedures in moderation making it more difficult to notice the signs of cosmetic surgery. She has vehemently denied the speculations on the claim that she is a natural who is benefiting from proper self care and make up application tips. Some people believe especially due to the fact that the speculated surgeries are not too obvious. Her case is debatable since her version seems to be the most valid explanation, maybe there is nothing to tell at all but with celebrities, you can not completely discard the idea of surgery considering how much they are in love with this art of beauty.

What Are Whitney Cummings Surgeries? 

Judging from her refreshed look in her early thirties, she is thought to have benefited from a total of three procedures namely Nose job, Lip augmentation and eyelid surgery. Her nose has not undergone a dramatic change but it can be seen that the tip of her nose has reduced in size. She has the long slender nose most women would kill for but the tip was not as slender as it is expected of Hollywood ideals of beauty. The difference in her after pictures is attested to a reduction rhinoplasty. Her lips are fuller and more sensual as a result of a possible lip injection. Restylene or juverderm are the most common lip fillers loved by celebrities. Her eyes, seems to have also benefited from an eyelid surgery to rid them off the tiredness and eye bags which are characteristic of women of her age.

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Results 

Whitney Cummings plastic surgery is a controversial case but there is no denying that she looks prettier in her after photos. The surgeries which seem to have been carried out in moderation suits her face making her more striking than ever. She has been accused of engaging in these surgeries too early since she is only a few months shy of 32 but as long as she keeps it moderate, no harm can come her way.