Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery

Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery

Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Alice Elizabeth Smith on the 29th of November 1967 in Denver Colorado. Despite being an actress, she has been faced with criminal scandals with carrying a weapon and shop lifting being the most famous of her charges. She has been featured in a number of television films and movies among them the famous reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Beth is a mother and the fifth wife to Duane Chapman. Recently, her name is not followed by her usual scandals but by plastic surgery speculations leveled against her. It is speculated that the star actress has had some nips and tucks. Not a new occurrence in a celebrity, cosmetic surgery is loved by showbiz personalities given that it helps them achieve the kind of looks they need to fit into the Hollywood beauty ideals. Considering her age, it is easy to tell which surgeries she would go for.

Beth Chapman Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries?

Allegedly, the Colorado born actress has indulged in the anti aging surgeries. As it appears, she has managed to reverse the aging process together with the effects of giving birth on her body. While on her vacation, she thought she was away from the eyes of the media little did she know that the paparazzi were on her case. She was photographed with her bare tummy and the tell tale signs of a tummy tuck could be seen. Allegedly, her visible pulled belly button together with the scar on her tummy indicate the possibility of a tummy tuck. Her voluptuous breasts are also not thought to be natural. She could have benefited from an augmentation procedure. On her facial area, she is speculated to have some works done, this include a facelift, eye lift and nose job. Clearly, the actress seems to have gone all her way to reverse the aging process.

Truth or Speculations

It is difficult to confirm the truth behind these speculations given that the actress has chosen to remain tight lipped. In fact, she seems to be like the rest of the celebrities who prefer to keep their beauty secrets hidden in a closet. When she was photographed in the beach, it is claimed that she was desperate to hide her tummy scars all in an attempt to conceal the evidence of a surgery. However, speculations are still in air. If you look at her photos, you will notice that the actress has massive breast but a flat tummy, being a woman who has given birth thrice, it should be expected that she would have a considerable amount of tummy fat. Her breasts, which appear firm and round, could also be augmentated since the rest of her body bears no evidence of weight gain. Her ability to defy old age suggests a possibility of the wrinkle eradicating procedures. With her silence, the truth is reduced to a matter of opinion.

Surgery Results 

Beth Chapman plastic surgery results have elicited mixed reactions from critics. While some believe that she has changed for the better there are those who believe that she went over the roof with some of her surgeries. The breast augmentation allegations are claimed to be too much for the celebrity considering her overall body shape and size. However, her facials are not that bad. She has managed to defy time and her smooth and shiny wrinkle free facial skin speaks of her success. Plastic surgery helps celebrities achieve popularity and Beth has achieved some warranted attention. If the breast speculations are true, the star should consider a reduction t suit her body shape and size and everything else may fall into place.