Beverly d Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly d Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly d Angelo Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 15th of November 1951 to Priscilla and Gene d Angelo in Columbus Ohio. She began her acting career with stage performances with her first theatre performance in the Broad way theatre. She proceeded into film and television movies later after her first debut in the miniseries of Captains and Kings in 1976. She is both an actress and a musician. She was brought to the limelight after playing the roles of Ellen Griswold in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise. The actress has used both her beauty and her talent to get ahead of her career and she is among the most famous of Hollywood actress. However, it seems like she too has finally succumbed t the Hollywood pressure of looking young and sexy even when age does not allow it. The age defying beauty has lately been associated with the anti aging plastic surgery speculations.

Beverly d Angelo Plastic Surgery

Good Genes or Plastic Surgery

Allegedly, she is not a case of good genes but has been depending on a few nips and tucks to look as gorgeous as she does in her old age. At the age of 63, she can be mistaken for a woman half her age. Anti aging procedures are becoming common procedure among aging celebrities. Since celebrities are treated as trend setters, they have been accused of setting the wrong example to young girls but this accusation has not stopped them from consulting plastic surgeons to make them younger. The fear of losing their positions to younger and fresh looking girls seems greater than their desire to set good examples for young girls. It does not come as a surprise that the sassy actress had to do something before age caught up with her and ended her career. She is thought to have benefited from Botox, Facelift, brow lift and derma fillers.

Botox and Facelift

Allegedly, the actress has used both Botox and facelift procedures to fight wrinkles that should have formed on her face by now Botox, the non invasive but double edged sword is loved by celebrities. The injection has taken years off many celebrities face but it has also ended some of these celebrities’ careers. Luckily for the pretty faced actress and musician, her case with Botox was a success. Her smooth, shiny and wrinkle free fore head says it all. A facelift is a complementary procedure for Botox. While Botox works with facial muscles, a facelift tightens the facial skin and smoothes out wrinkles in the process. Facelifts are effective as anti aging procedures but only when carried out by a professional surgeon. In this case, she was cautious to seek the services of a professional and also regulated her indulgence with the procedure. The youthful, vibrant and natural looking face speaks of a modest use of the procedures.

Dermal Fillers and Brow Lift

To work on her appearance and accentuate her looks, it is speculated that she must have also turned to a brow lift and dermal fillers. These procedures accentuate the lips and eyes respectively. Her lips, unlike those of her age mates are full and sensuous. This is suggestive of a dermal injection that adds volume to the lips. Her eyes are wider and brighter and her brow is raised in a manner that makes her much prettier. This is a characteristic of a brow lift procedure that works to open the eyes wider and give the brow a sexy lift. There is no doubt that she is a case of successful surgery. Although she has remained tight lipped over the allegations leveled against her, the Hollywood beauty deserves the popularity these procedures have brought her way.