Beyonce Plastic Surgery

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

Beyonce Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Beyonce Knowles is a famous RnB singer. The American beauty is yet another African American celebrity to be followed around by plastic surgery rumors. Lately, she has been followed by a number of scandals but the plastic surgery allegations seem to be the centre of attraction. It is speculated that the transformation in her appearance is not a natural occurrence but as a result of some nips and tucks. Now a mother, the celebrity has managed to hold onto her youthful looks. It is not a surprise that the star is speculated for having these procedures, it is claimed that she is one of those women who had issues with their bodies from young age. The pressure in showbiz together with her body issues is thought to be the reason behind her choice to accentuate her appearance. Although the trending speculations are still unconfirmed, it is thought that she has had a nose job, lip augmentation procedure, breast implants and skin lightening procedures.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery

Nose Job and Lip Augmentation

A comparison of her before and after photos shows that Beyonce’s nose and lips have transformed for the better. Her previous relatively wide nostril nose typical of many African American people has been chiseled out to the long and much sought after elegant nose. Her lips also look fuller as a result of a lip augmentation procedure. Generally, if you compare the Beyonce who was new in showbiz to the current queen of showbiz, she is a prettier woman now. There are red carpet and make up tricks Hollywood celebrities learn to accentuate their appearances but it is claimed that the sassy musician’s changes are nothing close to the two. She was blessed with natural beauty and for her, accentuating the right facial features was all she need to look her best.

Breast Augmentation and Skin Lighteners

Judging from the before and after photos trending on the internet, the musician has undergone a major transformation in the shape and size of her breasts. Not only has her cups increased in size but in firmness and density. She is thought to have benefited from breast implants. Her ever lightening complexion is also not thought to be as a result of proper skin care but skin lightening procedures. As much as these changes are visible upon the comparison of the celebrity’s photos, it cannot be ascertained whether or not they are surgery related. Push up bras for instance add a whole volume to the breasts. Breast augmentating is a common procedure for Hollywood women looking to improve their body curves and the musician’s curvy body says it all. With the skin lightening procedure, it is thought that the sassy celebrity had a desire to look more American than African.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

After her giving birth, it was expected that the star should having a considerable amount of pregnancy baggage to deal with. However, she recovered almost immediately and speculators attested this to surgery. However, Dr. Shafer disagrees with these speculations on the claim that it is unheard of to perform a surgical procedure within the first 3 months after giving birth. Most critics agree that the American musician was lucky in all her procedures. The results of all her surgeries were amazing and all her accentuated features suit her body. She still looks natural with no evident traces of surgery. this together with the fact that she has not confirmed the speculations makes it difficult to ascertain the truth in them. However, she has not be the anti cosmetic surgery type raising the probability of her surgeries. Beyonce plastic surgery speculations are a controversial piece of gossip given the celebrity’s profile but she had successful surgeries if the speculations are to go by.