Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 22nd of March 1952 to Jayne and John George Costas in Queens New York. He is a successful television personality in America. He is famous for his sports casting job in 9 Olympic Games. However, he is not just a sportscaster but he is also a television host for the show Studio 42 with Bob Costas. He has interviewed the current president of the United States Barrack Obama. Being a television personality, it goes without question that his appearance matters. At the age of 62, it is unfair to expect that he will still be the same handsome man he was thirty years ago. Bob must have realized that time was not on his side and his aging process might interfere with his job and decided to take a step to correct this. It is speculated that he has done something to his face in order to turn back the effects of the toll of time.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

What Are Bob Costas Surgeries? 

Allegedly Bob Costas has turned to the use of Botox and a facelift to combats the signs of aging. The sportsman is minus his wrinkles and it is difficult to believe that his wrinkles disappeared all of a sudden. The Botox claims were given birth to when it could be clearly established that he had defied old age. As a television personality, these speculations do not come as a surprise given that he is not the first and he will not be the last of celebrities to turn to cosmetic procedures for a younger look. When aging sets in, there is impending danger for showbiz personalities to be replaced by fresh talent and young faces , in order to stay atop the competition and maintain a competitive edge, anti aging cosmetic procedures are turned to.

Plastic Surgery or Good Genes 

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not the American sports caster is just another victim of malicious speculations. There are some who believe that he might be a case of good genes who has turned to natural methods like proper eating habits and exercise to maintain a youthful look. However, when he appeared with pink eyes, the speculations leveled against him took a different turn. Before this, his procedure was rated as a great success but the pink eyes saga made speculators forget about how good the star looked like. It was claimed that the pink eye was as a result of a botched Botox procedure. The star had to take a whole 6 days absence from work after his efforts at covering his pink eyes with heavy glasses proved fruitless. Botox has its negative side but it seems like he has had one of the worst effects of indulgence in Botox.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

According to Dr. Mark Wafel, such a reaction with Botox is rare unless the patient has an allergy against the fillers injected on their faces. He also adds that the infection can also occur if the procedure was done without regard to high hygiene standards which must have led to contamination. On the other hand, the NBC spokesman has a different story to tell, according to him, the television host has not had any Botox but he is suffering from a viral conjunctivitis in both of his eyes. The cause of the infection is not disclosed. These controversial information surrounding Bob Costas plastic surgery allegations hinder efforts at ascertaining who is telling the truth. Despite this, one thing is clear; the star has somehow managed to reverse the aging process and you can only hope that his pink eyes have nothing to do with Botox.