Bonnie Bedellia Facelift

Bonnie Bedellia Facelift

Bonnie Bedellia Facelift – Before and After Pictures

Bonnie was born on the 25th of March 1948 in New York City New York. She was among the American beauties and talent back in the nineties but this is no longer the case as time has taken its toll on her. The sassy actress did not start her television career as an actor. She was a ballet dancer and her initial appearances were dance associated with her most famous being the New York City ballet in Nut Cracker. Since her entry into the acting field, she has been famous for her pretty looks and talent which has earned her roles in many television and film movies. She is remembered for her role in Die Hard and Die Hard 2. The star is aging and at the age of 66, it is natural that she is not as striking as she was before. However, this is not the concern of celebrity gossip but her plastic surgery speculations are.

Bonnie Bedellia Facelift

What Are Her Speculated Surgeries? 

It is rumored that the actress is yet another Hollywood celebrity who prefers a youthful appearance to wisdom. Speculators claim that she is seems to defy old age in an unnatural manner. The actress is only four years shy of seventy but her face does not give her away. She has a soft, smooth and wrinkle free face as it is with a woman in her youthful years. Clearly, the actress is doing something to hold onto her youthful looks and anti aging cream is not explanation enough. As it is common among her age mates who are fellow celebrities, she is thought to have indulged in the usual skin rejuvenating procedures namely Botox and facelift. The speculations are yet to be confirmed by the star who has remained quite but a comparison of her before and after photos are highly suggestive of the procedures.

Facelift and Botox Claims 

A facelift tightens the facial skin and smoothens out any appearing wrinkles. This is speculated to be the reason behinds Bonnie’s tight and wrinkle free facial skin. However, she was unlucky as she did not achieve the best of results with this procedure. As much as she has defied old age, her face has lost its natural beauty and most of her fans have criticized her for her choice to go for this procedure. On the other hand, the Botox has filled her face and prevented the usual cheek sagging and wrinkles but the results of the facelift have rendered this ineffective too. She is no longer the pretty faced actress of her time and this is not blamed on old age but on the botched jobs. No celebrity ever dreams of getting a botched job but some of them have to suffer from this negative side of plastic surgery.

Were The Surgeries Necessary? 

It is no secret that a young and pretty face is what a celebrity needs to make it big in Hollywood. With this in mind, it will be unfair to criticize the actress for her choice to turn to plastic surgery to do her career some justice. She was unlucky to taste the other side of surgery and this may not be entirely her fault. She may have had inexperienced surgeons. All the same, Bonnie has lost her natural beauty and the only choice she has left is to keep off her any more Botox or facelifts since these procedures are known to take away the entire natural from the users face. She should cling onto whatever is left of her face and focus on getting her career a step further despite the botched surgery results.