Bonnie Bedelia Plastic Surgery

Bonnie Bedelia Plastic Surgery

Bonnie Bedelia Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Bonnie Bedelia Culkin on the 25th of March 1948 in New York City New York to Marian Ethel an editor and a writer and Philip Harley Culkin a journalist. She I a talented American actress who has a golden globe award nomination to her name. She is remembered for the many film and television roles she has been featured in. however, Die Hard and Die Hard 2 are her action movies that left a great impact on her audience. At the age of 66, it seems like she is not yet willing to bid her acting career goodbye. It is rumored that she has engaged herself in the surgical procedures known for women who want to hold onto their youthful looks. There are many pretty faced young celebrities in Hollywood and failure to exercise body maintenance can see a celebrity loose the fame and success they have built for themselves over a long period of time in an instant.

Bonnie Bedelia Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery or Speculations?

It is a sad reality that some celebrities still lose their pretty looks to plastic surgery. The New York born actress was known as a pretty face of her time but she is no longer associated with this positive trait. Her decision to rejuvenate her skin turned into something else which has caused her to be the object of criticism and ridicule. Celebrities find it easier to deny plastic surgery allegations when the achieved results are positive. This way, they can easily cite healthy eating and makeup among other reasons for their transformation. However, when a celebrity’s face changes for the worst, there is very little room for doubt that a plastic surgery gone bad is the reason behind this change. Even though the actress has chosen to remain quiet over the trending speculations, the criticisms are ongoing all over the internet.

Bonnie Bedelia Botox and Facelift 

Throughout the course of her career, the celebrity has not been associated with any look accentuating procedures. This is attested to the fact that she was a natural beauty and did not need a nip or tuck to look good. However, old age naturally affects beauty especially with the folded skin and sagging flesh. Botox injections and facelifts are known to be the easy and quick fix remedies for aging. However, these procedures have a dark and bright side. The lucky ones who get to enjoy the bright side of these procedures go light and seek the services of experienced surgeons. It is a pity that something went wrong with Bedelia’s facelift. She is no longer the same pretty faced celebrity that she used to be. This is attested to an over indulgence in the procedures or a possible case of inexperienced surgeons.

Surgery Results

The botched facelift associated with Bonnie Bedelia plastic surgery is a pity since she is no longer a dear among her fans. Despite her surgeries being necessary, the results defy the essence of plastic surgery. There is little doubt that the actress would have looked better in wrinkles than in the botched facelift. The frozen effect is not thought to be as a result of only the facelift but the Botox injection too. When poorly administered, it can be the cause of great misfortunes. It would be wise for the actress to consider corrective facial surgery to get her pretty doll like face back. Without this, there is a possibility that she will lose her fame completely and become a forgotten celebrity. Another alternative is to stay off the procedures since any further indulgence will turn her face into an unbearable sight.