Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery and New Grown Up Look Before and After Photos

demi lovato plastic surgery

Demi Lovato Plastic Surgery and New Grown Up Look

Demi Lovato has become famous over the last few years due to her singing career although she is an actress as well. There has been a lot of speculation over her look of late. There is a lot of truth to these speculations considering the drastic changes on Demi’s face. At only twenty one, you would not expect her to have undergone any changes. However, in the cut throat showbiz industry youth is not enough. One has to have irresistible looks as well.

demi lovato plastic surgery

Boob job

Demi’s breasts are visibly larger than before and now look rounder and fuller. The breast augmentation surgery, although subtly done, is still visible. There is no other way of explaining the sudden increase in size and change in shape. She is not trying to hide them and has been seen wearing plunging necklines on a number of red carpets. In fact, we could say her new bust has improved her self confidence and made people start seeing her as a mature woman.


There is no secret that Demi has had her nose changed by a plastic surgeon. When she first hit the limelight, she had a round bulbous nose. Currently, it looks pinched at the bridge and is narrower. In addition, the nostrils are no longer as visible as they were before. The tip is more pointed as opposed to the rounded one she used to have. This now blends with her face properly and has made her even prettier.

Overall look

It is obvious that the surgeon who worked on Demi is a skilled artist. They knew exactly what to change and what to leave. Now she no longer has the childish look she was associated with when she first started out. Currently, she has the traditional American Female celebrity look. In fact, many people speculate this is the reason behind her recent success career wise. She even landed a job as a judge in the prestigious X-factor. This shows that the new look is paying off and she is getting more gigs in front of the camera. However, at such a young age, we hope she will not overdo the nip and tuck and lose her natural beauty.