Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Pamela Anderson is among the most recognizable names in the entertainment world. She is an author, television producer, model and actress. She owes her popularity to her tantalizing performances in TV shows such as V.I.P. and Baywatch amongst other television shows and movies. The long-haired blonde reigned as the queen of sex symbols for two decades. Men literally salivated at her while women secretly wished to be her. In February, 1990, Playboy paid tribute to her sexy appearance by featuring her as the Playmate of the Month. Her Playboy career has spanned more than two decades and she holds the highest number of appearance on the magazine’s covers. Having been born on 1st July 1967 in Canada; the vivacious actress is about to turn forty-seven. In her younger years, Pamela Anderson had a sweet-faced unrivaled natural beauty. The plastic surgery craze swept her off her feet and she became addicted to cosmetic procedures. Most people agree that she ruined her natural beauty by going under the surgeon’s knife.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Procedures

Honesty, confidence, and a free-spirited personality are some of the qualities that have endeared the bubbly actress to her mob of fans. She has a no-holds-barred approach to publicity and she has publicly confirmed that she has had plastic surgery. However, she has limited her confession to breast augmentation. Experts have expressed the opinion that from her appearance; she has had plastic surgery on distinct parts of her body, particularly her face. The cosmetic procedures she has undergone include breast augmentation, facelifts, and Botox. It is also rumored that she has had lip augmentation, cheek implants, liposuction and Rhinoplasty.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation

The craze to have big breasts is contagious in the celebrity world. Pamela Anderson had her first breast implants at a very young age. Her big, firm, out-of-this-world DD cups earned her legions of male fans. The model and actress has an experience of both sides of breast augmentation as it is said that in 1999, her implants were removed. The implants were removed after her doctor warned her that they could cause some health hazards. The drastic increase in size followed by the visible decrease is apparent in her before and after pictures. Her breast augmentation surgeries were done professionally and her boobs are still attractive.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Face Lift

Pamela Anderson’s face has a permanent exuberant glow. She does not have any wrinkles, frown lines, or sagging skin on her face. It is said that she maintains a wrinkle-free face through the help of Botox injections. Opinion is divided on the results of her facelift. Some people believe that it was successful because she looks younger. Others believe that it was a disaster because even if her face looks youthful; it does not look as gorgeous as her natural face. Everyone has an opinion, but at the end of the day, Pamela Anderson’s opinion is the only one that matters. If she is satisfied with her reflection in the mirror; the facelift has served its desired purpose.

Pamela Anderson Lip Augmentation

Cosmetic surgery procedures are like drugs. There are addictive. Once someone starts; there is no stopping as one has to ensure that all features complement each other. Pamela Anderson’s lips have always been sexy, nice and supple. It is rumored that early on in her career during her climb to fame; she had collagen implants to enhance their appearance. Some celebrity watchers believe that she constantly gets lip injections to give her beauty an impetus.

As one of the most popular sex symbols of the 20th century; there is no doubt that Pamela Anderson featured in many people’s fantasies. From her before and after pictures, it is obvious that cosmetic surgery procedures have ruined her spectacular natural looks. She is no longer as gorgeous and enticing as she used to be. Hopefully, she has learned a lesson and will put a stop to the procedures so that she can age gracefully.