2ne1 Plastic Surgery


2ne1 Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

2ne1’s Park Bom recently made an appearance that has sparked up fresh 2ne1 plastic surgery rumors. Well, Park is well known for getting the plastic surgery meters running. This time it is for all the members of the group. There are just so many gossip brigades and the hot topic is the various plastic surgeries that the girls have had. Before that, here is a brief background of the oh-so-spectacular girls. 

2ne1 Enhancements

If there is a K-Pop group that can get a crowd electrified it has to be 2ne1. Formed by YG Entertainment back in 2009, this South Korean all-girl group has gone to ignite a whole lot of attention. The band members Minzy, Cl, Bom and Dara are some of the loveliest girls in the entertainment industry. Their debut single ‘Fire’ was a moderate hit then comes the real deal- ‘I Don’t Care’. It was this song that won the international acclamation and was awarded the ‘song of the year’ title at the MNET Asian Music Awards. They have gone to sell some 27 million digital downloads. 

The appearance of these girls has changed dramatically in the time they have been in the limelight. One is spotting a fixed nose; the other is spotting enhanced breasts and so forth. The 2ne1 plastic surgery gossip mill never lacks fodder to keep it running. It is an endless cycle but then as aforementioned, they look so much better. They have that timeless look. 

cl plastic surgery

Minzy’s nose job has to be the most obvious one of all the four girls. She has been quoted saying that she had the surgery for health purposes and not for aesthetic purposes. This makes you wonder where you have heard that before. This rhinoplasty surgery (as it is known) has caused more speculations about other surgeries. The nose job gives the illusion that she had her jaw sharpened a little bit and her eyes widened with some double eyelid surgery.

CL said that she has never been a champion for plastic surgery. Well, it is really difficult to tell whether she had her nose trimmed and her eyes fixed a little bit. It is easy to conclude that it is the heavy makeup she wears. Be that as it may, she really does look like she has had some plastic surgery done especially on her nose.

Dara is undoubtedly the most endeared of the 2ne1 girls. Her nose looks so nice and pretty natural but then her nostrils look a little bit smaller and rather different compared to her pre-debut photographs. She might have had a little bit of a surgery something like the alar base reduction. 

Changed jaw lines 

Park Bom tops the list here. She is spotting a very different jaw line. News in the grapevine has it that she got her jaw shaved a little bit to give her those facial contours that she is spotting now. Well, as stated earlier, Bom can really spark up rumors on plastic surgery. It seems with her coming and going she leave an impression of plastic surgery here and there. She has had at least two nose jobs and some facial reshaping. She also comes with fuller lips now. Bom has confessed to having had surgery performed. In her case it is rarely a question of whether she had surgery or not, it is more like what she will change next. It is not easy to determine whether CL and Dara have gone under the knife to up their jaws, but for Minzy it is also pretty obvious. 

Breast augmentation and facelift 

Dara’s natural beauty is quite questionable. She never seems to age a day. She may or may not have had a facelift. Bom comes in again but this time with a facelift and a breast augmentation. Most recently during a concert, she could barely open her mouth perhaps due to too much Botox or something of the sort. Her bra size has most definitely changed over the time she has been in the limelight. 

All in all, the 2ne1 plastic surgery stories are yet to be confirmed in their entirety. The girls either deny having this or the other surgery and the public is only left to speculate. Even without speculation, these girls have really changed over the time. They do look wonderful though- they must have a keen eye for plastic surgeons.