Tiny Harris Plastic Surgery

Tiny Harris Plastic Surgery

Tiny Harris Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Tameka Harris on the 14th of July 1975 in College Park Georgia. She is the daughter to Diane Cottle – Pope and Charles Pope. She is an American singer and song writer famous as a member of the Reggae and blues female group Xcape . Her marriage to the American rapper T.I also brought her to prominence. She is a talented artist with a Grammy to her name. She was awarded a Grammy award for her contribution in writing the “No Scrubs “, a hit song by the TLC group which took the world by storm. She was nicknamed Tiny due to her small stature. Being a beautiful and talented rapper, she has many fans and many critics look into her case. As often as it is with celebrities, she started showing some changes that were not so natural sparking rumors about the possibility of plastic surgery.

Tiny Harris Plastic Surgery

Tiny Harris Plastic Surgery 

She is a small woman but well endowed. This led people to believe that her assets were bought and not natural. Although her case is not isolated, it is important to notice that the Tiny of before transformed in a spur of the moment making the changes very suspicious. Breast, butt and nose job are the speculated o Tiny Harris plastic surgery. Breast implants are a common type of surgery especially in young women but butt implants are not as common. This could be due to the fact that majority of the celebrities want to have a supermodel shape and excessive butt fat is not needed in this case. However, as a singer, the demands of the R and B industry are very different from those of modeling. It does not come as a surprise that Tiny chose to undergo this kind of surgery to boost her career.

Tiny Speaks on the Wendy Williams Show 

Tiny is a woman known for her honesty and when she was invited to the Wendy Williams show, she shared many details about her marriage and body including plastic surgery details. She confirmed the breast and butt implants rumors but denied the Rhinoplasty claims. According to her, her butt is a bit of both natural and implants insinuating that she did not need the implants much since she is a naturally well endowed woman. The same goes for the breast implants. She never needed them until after giving birth. She is a mother of three and naturally, all the breast feeding made her breasts sag. She told Wendy that she had the implants simply because her breasts sagged but not because she needed them much. This could be true since she has not been associated with many surgeries throughout her career.

The Rhinoplasty Claims 

Apparently, the nose job is the only false of Tiny Harris plastic surgery. The American rapper claims that her fans have mistakenly claimed that she altered her nose, which is untrue. She however says that the thought has crossed her mind but she did not alter her nose to keep the memory of her father with her. She took after his nose and they were very close when he was still alive. This claim comes after most of her fans believed that she had chiseled out her nose. Maybe it is the work of make it is claimed that skilled makeup artists are able to use concealer to alter the shape of a nose and give the impression of a pinched nose. Tiny did not go wrong in her decision to remain with her natural nose she is still the same adorable celebrity with a promising future in showbiz.