Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

If you took a minute to look at the plastic surgery speculations trending on the internet, you may be tempted to assume that all Hollywood celebrities have gone under the knife. Celebrities have the tough job of meeting both the career and fan’s expectation. Showbiz is all about looks and talents. A majority prefer to work on the former since most of their fans expect for them to be flawless beauties. With plastic surgery speculations flying all over, it was about time that Alexa Ray Joel be the focus of these speculations. It has been thought that the singing sensation is no longer a natural and was forced to go under the knife to look as sexy as she does now. She is a successful singer whose beauty is not debatable. She is the daughter to Bill Joel who is also a singer and Christie Brinkleg who is a pretty faced super model.

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

The Facials 

Alexa’s face has undergone a transformation for the better. Her pictures for comparison have been availed on the social media sites and the difference is clearly visible. It has been speculated that she has done a number of facials to transform herself into the Hollywood package. Her nose looks different and elegant as most celebrities would like to call a thin ridged nose. The rhinoplasty speculations date way back in 2010 when the difference was spotted. It was further thought that she had accentuated her looks by using some facial reconstruction procedure. Her face is much slender than before. This difference can especially be observed around the chin area. Speculators claim that she had a jaw line surgery that altered the shape of her face. Celebrities are sometimes considered one of the most unlucky groups of people. There seems to be no line separating public and private life. Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery speculations have not been taken lightly by the celebrity.

What Does Alexa Have To Say? 

The American singing sensation does not like the fact that her name is on every social media site with false accusations. She has openly admitted the rhinoplasty claim and concluded that it is her only plastic surgery. She claims that she had her nose altered in 2010 and has never revisited the surgeon’s office again. To emphasize that the transformations on her face is the simple work of makeup and growth, she explained that she does not even die her own hair. This is to emphasize just how much of a natural she is. However, it cannot be forgotten that she had her nose chiseled out and this may have fueled other plastic surgery speculations. When celebrities openly deny the allegations leveled against them they speculations can never be proven any further.

Were The Surgeries Necessary? 

Of all of the trending Alexa ray Joel plastic surgery, only the rhinoplasty claims can be proved. Looking at her picture before the surgery, her nose was as bad as one that would need surgery. However, her nose looks better post surgery and so you can safely say that the surgery was successful. The other transformations observed on her face may not necessarily be due to plastic surgery. As the star said, comparing pictures of her with a span of ten year difference is a below the belt tactic. She has grown no doubt about that and this may b the reason behind her facial transformations. Ten years is a long time and major physical differences are expected. it cannot be established whether or not the star singer is sincere about her claims but plastic surgery or not, she is one beautiful young woman and if the speculations have any truth in them, her looks have benefited a great deal from plastic surgery.