Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Some child actresses get the whole idea of fame wrong. Amanda Bynes is one such celebrity; it seems like fame has gotten in other head and her actions have given birth to many controversies. If she is not wearing her weird colored weaves she is involved in a scandal with the police. Aside from the trending scandals on her misbehaviors, there are plastic surgery speculations leveled against her. With Amanda Bynes, there is no need to call them speculation since she is in the habit of lettings her fans in on her plans before executing them. Sometimes, it has been thought that the celebrity has too much money and fame in her hands that she does not know what to do with it. Plastic surgery is an expensive procedure and this explains why celebrities are the most common patients. Amanda is no exception; apparently she has the money to spend on as many procedures as possible.

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

The Rhinoplasty Speculations

Amanda Bynes had already told her fans that she was to get a nose job and all they had to do was wait till she delivered on her promise. When she did, her plastic surgery pictures were trending on twitter. She was seen in her usual weird wigs with a nose that was half healed. The remarks were so terrible that the star had to pretend the picture did not belong to her. It seems like negative comments get into even the toughest of all. Her nose is healing pretty quickly according to her but it has not healed enough for her to send more pictures of her. She claims that her nose is still too ugly for the camera confirming claims that she was indeed the one in the twitter photo. She has denied speculators a chance to do what they do best: judging the surgery results.

What Next for Amanda Bynes?

The celebrity has always been the Hollywood drama queen. It did not surprise her fans so much that when she announced a second rhinoplasty. She claims that she will get second nose jobs exactly three weeks after her first nose job has completely healed. When talking about her first surgery, she claimed that she was not required to wear any bandages since the nose heals on its own. A rhinoplasty is carried out by working on the cartilage along the nose. It is not known whether or not the second procedure is a corrective surgery. If it is not, Amanda seems to have gone over the rove with her love for plastic surgery. Her apparent addiction to Rhinoplasty may turn on her and she may wish to have her nose back some day. Unlike celebrities who indulge in plastic surgery to fix specific errors, she seems to go for these procedures for the mere fun of it. She claimed that the procedure is pretty simple and it is carried out while the patient is awake but of course with some anesthesia.

Surgery Results

Amanda has made it pretty difficult to judge her pictures pot surgery. With the claim of going for a second rhinoplasty, she has thrown her fans and speculators off balance on what to expect. Celebrities who go for a rhinoplasty procedure aim to get a narrow ridged nose with the aim of adopting the elegant look. It is speculated that these are the results Amanda Bynes expected to get out of her rhinoplasty. Whichever results she expects from her second procedure is known only to her. With all her celebrity drama, you can only wish that she should moderate her indulgence in plastic surgery before she gets the Michael Jackson nose kind of surgery.