Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery is considered as one of the worst plastic surgeries ever. She is among the handful Hollywood celebrity who had a change of sexuality. Amanda Lepore before plastic surgery was a man, thanks to plastic surgery; he was transformed in to a woman. The 44 yr old Amanda is among the Hollywood celebrities who benefited from plastic surgery at a very tender age. According to speculations, he was turned into a woman long before he was even 18 years of age. Her being a transgender has given birth to many controversies both in her career and in her appearance. A transgender plastic surgery is an extremely complex and continuous procedure. It does not only involve getting female features but a whole body do over. It is speculated that nearly all her features are as a result of plastic surgery.

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery

What is Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery? 

It is not difficult to speculate over her surgeries. She needed all the procedures to be transformed into the complete woman she is now. Most of her surgeries bordered to what some critics would call extreme since unlike patients within their genders, he needed to over indulge in some surgeries in order to attain the desired results. If procedures as uncomplicated as reversing the aging process require more than one surgical procedure imagine what a procedure that requires reversing hormones and sexuality requires. It is understandable why Amanda had to hit the roof with these surgical procedures. A breast implant, nose job, eye lift, eye slant, forehead lift, facelift, fillers not only on the usual lips and face but on the hips and butt are all of Amanda Lepore plastic surgery.

What Does She Say About Her Own Surgeries? 

With all those surgeries, something is bound to go wrong. Amanda is not so pleased with her plastic surgery procedure but there is not so much she can do. At least she can live with the satisfaction that she is no longer the man she wanted to be. In an interview, she said that she had hoped the surgery will transform her into either Marilyn Monroe or Jessica Rabbit. Judging from her after photos, it is clear that she is nowhere close any of the two celebrities. You cannot help but sympathize with Amanda Lepore for being unable to meet her aspirations. It is speculated that most of her surgeries especially her facials were conducted well only that they were too much for one face. Some critics claim that Amanda post surgery is a caricature of Amanda Lepore before plastic surgery.

What Next for Amanda Lepore 

Most critics argue that Amanda Lepore should stay off plastic surgery. It would be a good idea if she would seek some corrective procedures to makes some of her facial surgeries more subtle. Her lips may look better if she went easy on the fillers. She admitted that she had had a total of three breast implants. That is she went for implants thrice. This is thought to be too many procedures at a go. Amanda Lepore’s plastic surgery disaster may serve as a lesson to some celebrities with over the roof aspirations. Everybody dreams of looking good but too much of everything is poisonous. There is no doubt that Amanda Lepore before plastic surgery was a prettier woman than she is now. Plastic surgery always has a good and bad side and Amanda was unlucky to have the taste of the bad side of plastic surgery.