Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Barry Manilow is a self accomplished American celebrity with several awards to his name. He is a multi talented singer, songwriter and a musician. Born on the 17th of June 1943, the songwriter was born as Barry Alan Pincus but later had his name changed. He star shone as soon as he released his first album in 1973, there was talent in him and no doubt. His career rose to greater heights and he has won an Emmy, Grammy and a special Tony award. His career success reached its peak when he was inducted into the famous hall of fame for songwriters. With this kind of profile you cannot doubt that he is an accomplished celebrity with a God given talent. However, current trending speculations are no longer focused on his career successes but on his transformed appearance. Just like other celebrities of his age, he is speculated to have joined the benefactors of plastic surgery.

Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery

What Are His Plastic Surgeries?

The 61 year old Barry is speculated to have used plastic surgery procedures to reverse the aging process. Most celebrities do not like the idea of showing up before their fans with wrinkles all over their faces. With plastic surgery giving them the ability to enable their wishes, most of them have no choice but embrace this cosmetic art of beauty. Barry Manilow could not afford being left behind. Apparently, he has gone for a total of three surgical procedures to help him eliminate the signs of old age. Most of his fans have not criticized him for having these procedures. Plastic surgery critics to do not find it odd that the talented producer decided to hold onto his youthful appearances. In the present century, critics are past criticizing plastic surgery unless the procedure is considered a botched job. Botox, facelift and eyelid surgery are the speculated Barry Manilow plastic surgery.

Botox and Facelifts

The lack of wrinkles on Barry’s face is thought to be as a result of Botox procedures. Botox is injected right below the skin and it adds facial tissue which strengthen muscles to prevent folding and sagging of the skin. It is speculated that his puffy cheeks which should have begun sagging by now are also as a result of the Botox injection. This procedure is rated as a success since the star has not lost much of his natural appearance. He still looks like the old Barry just that he is younger and refreshed. Unlike most celebrities who have the whole of their faces lifted Barry had what speculators call a mini facelift. A facelift is carried out in three potions; the upper, middle and lower part of the face. It is speculated that he had his face lifted only in the upper and lower regions. The mini facelift suits him well; he has gotten rid of wrinkles without interfering mush with his face. It seems like Barry Manilow is well aware of the freezing effect of both Botox and facelift and decided to play safe with these procedures.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgeries are also common among celebrities seeking t reverse the aging process. Barry’s eyes are fresh and widely open unexpected of his age. Men of his age can barely open their eyes but Barry can stare as widely and as far into space as he can. He is a superstar and he needed to have his looks fixed to keep entertaining his fans. His plastic surgery was a success. It is a good thing that the big time musician had all these procedures performed in moderation. The too little rule of plastic surgery is the safest way for celebrities to go.