Benjamin Bratt Nose Job

Benjamin Bratt Nose Job

Benjamin Bratt Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Did Benjamin Bratt violate the gender code with his famous nose job? Well, many critics and reviewers hold this opinion. After the fame and credit that followed a highly successful role as Grey Curtis in the renowned drama series, Law & Order, Bratt attracted a lot more interest because of a rumored nose job. Ostensibly, Bratt went under the knife at some late stage in his illustrious career to alter the shape and size of his earlier prominent nose. In all honesty, the nose job paid its dividends because the Hollywood star looks much more handsome than he did in the preliminary stages in the world of acting. Celebrity history on nose surgery does not include a long list of men who have sought the therapy. It is largely considered a woman’s business. Celebrity custom and tradition does not apply the same intense pressure on male celebrities on account of the size of their noses as compared to their female counterparts.

Benjamin Bratt Nose Job

The Growing Interest in a Man with a New Nose:

However much he may try, Bratt can never disappear from the prying eyes of millions of fans on the streets, movie theaters, celebrity stages, and everywhere that he may desire to act, relax, and live. Bratt has appeared to the public through many famous movies such as Demolition Man, Traffic, and The Lesser Blessed. As such, he remains a permanent fixture on the celebrity websites, popular tabloids, magazines, newspapers, television, and in ordinary life. The problem is that some naughty fans love to crane their necks over the fences of his private worlds to get some sneak peek of issues that Bratt would have loved to remain private. This is why they know more than they should about Benjamin Bratt nose job. Before hearing from the horse’s mouth, the vigilant fans and critics have speculated a lot on every dimension of Bratt’s plastic surgery with both positive and negative remarks attending to the subject.

The Strength of Pictorial Evidence:

Before Bratt disputes the wide claims of his nose job, he will have to find good reasons that account to the reduction in size of his nose. Bratt’s past pictures show that he had a conspicuous nose, which gave him a distinct look as a resolute and firm character. Many years later, pictures showed him with a slightly smaller nose, sharp at the tip and significantly narrow at the bridge. According to some observers, these latest pictures give the celebrity some effeminate appearance. In all indications, the celebrity went under the knife of a competent surgeon who helped him enhance his facial aesthetics by slicing off the unwanted bulges from the nose. His current pictures give him an aspect of a benign character who gives more concern about his looks than a man of 50 should. According to some tabloid reports and internet blogs, there is something queer about a man of 50 with a pointed nose and other possible plastic modifications.

Pursuing the Mirage of Perfection with a Nose Job:

Perfectionism seems to be the irresistible mirage, which throws many Hollywood celebrities spinning on the trajectory of plastic beauty. The craving for the finest aesthetics only become odd when a man decides to pursue a cosmetic enhancement that lies in the province of women. A few voices have speculated that the primary influence might have come from the influence of Bratt’s former partner, Julia Roberts. Spending a good part of one’s life with one of America’s fairest models can have some lasting impressions on a man’s world. The current world does not have any clear boundaries between discourses of gender, beauty, and other areas. As such, brazen criticisms on Bratt’s beauty should cede some space to considerations of individual’s liberty and Bratt’s preferred approach to aesthetics.