Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

If you have been following the career of Bruce Jenner, you have not missed to notice that his looks keep changing. His ever changing appearances have been the source of heated discussions on social media sites. He has been criticized, appreciated and sometimes mocked but this is not enough to stop him from transforming his appearance. He is among the pioneers of plastic surgery with his first job dating back in the 80’s. When male celebrities appear addicted to plastic surgery, there is bound to be more reactions than when it is a female celebrity since most men are not expected to be crazy about their appearances. However, as it seems, Bruce Jenner did not suffer from a case of over indulgence but a possible case of an inexperienced surgeon. Back in the 80’s botched jobs were common occurrences as opposed to now. There are more experienced doctors in the present era and also the field of plastic surgery is flooded with sophisticated technologies to ensure better results.

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

What Happened to Bruce’s Face?

Bruce has gone under the knife twice.teh first time was in the 80’s to accentuate his looks and fight traces of old age and the second time was to seek a corrective procedure. He opened up and confirmed the facelift and nose job speculations that had been trending on the social media for years. He also admits that this first round of surgery bore terrible results and he could barely recognize himself in the mirror. Not only did his image suffer immensely from these botched jobs, his self esteem went down the drain. Speculators do not make it better for celebrities with botched jobs. He admitted knowledge of being in the list of the worst plastic surgery ever. He shares the same regrets as his fans but thank heavens he decided to do something about this regret.

The Corrective Surgery

In 2009, Bruce Jenner felt he could no longer keep walking around with his botched face. He turned to corrective surgery to try and get his face back. He had earlier on admitted to having had a partial facelift and a nose job which did not go well. So naturally, the corrective surgeries sought to correct the errors incurred while performing the two procedures. He had the whole of the Kardashian clan behind him. The results of the corrective surgery were still controversial. Some critics thought that he had not yet managed t get the old him back. His face has been the subject of scrutiny many a times. However, there is no doubt that there is an improvement in his appearance. He does not look as good as his natural self but definitely looks better than his botched job face.

Bruce Jenner Now

Bruce Jenner plastic surgery speculations are yet to die a natural death. It seems like it is not enough that he had to suffer a double tragedy regarding the result of his surgery. He still has to deal with scrutiny over any transformation in his appearance. After he separated from his wife, he seems to have embraced a new feminine look. He has been publicly spotted with a long hair and manicured nails. A thing that suggests he is losing touch with his masculinity. According to Dr. Toby Wayer, he seems to be suffering to a condition called Body Dymorphic Disorder. This occurs when an individual has an unnatural view over his looks. Evidence seems to be pointing to the fact that Bruce Jenner is too conscious about his appearance. It is a good thing that he has decided to stay off plastic surgery and embrace natural methods of transforming his appearance.