Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Calista Flockhart is yet another Hollywood celebrity rumored to having had plastic surgery to accentuate her looks and reverse the aging process. Cosmetic surgery has become the norm in Hollywood and most celebrities are offered the chance to tweak features of their bodies they find unattractive. Not all the time do these celebrities get their plastic surgery aspirations enabled. Sometimes, procedures go wrong for one reason or another. Calista Flockhart became extremely famous after winning the Golden Globe award for the role she played in Ally Mcbeal. It is speculated that this growth in fame led to the actresses’ heightened consciousness of her looks. The transformation in her appearance was observed soon after her winning this award. This trend is typical among most female celebrities, as they acquire more fame; they aspire to become Hollywood sex symbols. When Calista entered into the world of plastic surgery, she went all the way from reversing the aging process to accentuating some of her facial features.

Calista Flockhart Plastic Surgery

How True are These Speculations? 

Calista Flockhart plastic surgery speculations trend on the internet unconfirmed. The speculations are based on the difference gathered upon a comparison of her before and after photos. Calista herself has not made it easy to ascertain the truth behind these speculations. The star has neither confirmed nor denied these allegations. However, it is not difficult to assume these speculations since some of the transformations cannot be realized naturally. Most celebrities choose to remain tight lipped regarding speculations leveled against them but the allegations do not die all the same. Botox injection, lip augmentation and nose Job are thought to be the surgical procedures behind Calista Flockhart transformed appearance.

The Nose Job, Lip Augmentation and Botox 

It is speculated that the transformation in the shape and size of Calista’s nose is as a result of plastic surgery. Calista’s before nose was slightly wide ridged. However, in her after photos, her nose is long and narrow ridged, a widely sought after facial feature in Hollywood. Apparently, a long and narrow ridged nose is considered elegant as oppose to a slightly wide nose . Her lips too look different. In her after photos, her lips have undergone a dramatic change in shape and size. This change is thought to be as a result of lip fillers. The last of Calista Flockhart plastic surgery is Botox injections. Since the acting sensation has managed to hold onto her youthful looks in her old age, it is thought that she has been on Botox injections for a while. It is speculated that wrinkles, laugh lines and sagging skin should have already formed on Calista’s face. However, according to speculations, no anti aging cream is behind the actresses’ flawless skin. Botox injections are administered on the face to straighten out wrinkles.

How are the Results of the Surgery? 

In order for a surgical procedure to be considered a success, a celebrity needs to look better in her after photos. Additionally, all the features need to auger well with others. Calista’s plastic surgery results were not all successful. Of the three procedures, only two were thought to be successful. Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with her new nose, critics are of the idea that this was not the right nose for her. It gives her face an odd look since it cashes with the rest of her facial features. However, the lip and Botox injection results are admirable. Thanks to these procedures, the star no longer has to worry about wrinkles and has a pair of sensuous lips to boost of. If Calista would consider a corrective surgery for her nose job, all her looking glamorous aspirations will be enabled.