Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery –┬áBefore and After Pictures

Carla Bruni struggles with the same nagging problem that pursues every celebrity in and outside Hollywood. In fact, her problems appear much bigger because she is not just a random celebrity but a former first lady. Spending a lifetime as Nicholas Sarkozy’s partner comes with some pressure. The limelight is ever-present and intense. As a woman of high status, stepping out into the world requires some refinement in looks and character. It is easy to act out as a former first lady in every social event, but not as easy as sustaining the beauty that should come with such a role. The facts and myths about Carla Bruni plastic surgery have dominated the time and interest of the celebrity world in ways that differ on the nature and timing of the surgery. The rumor mongers seem to have noticed some distance between the image of the former first lady and the years she has gathered so far.

Carla Bruni Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Rumors and the Mismatch Between the Face and Age:

As Bruni approaches her 50s, people expect to see some transformations from a blonde to an ideal aging woman. It is not natural for a woman to remain remarkably beautiful in defiance of the perils of age and stress. It appears as if Bruni only depreciates on the inside, and her body ignores the numerical advancement in age. Various critics hold onto the view that Bruni’s graceful appearance is a product of a combination of plastic therapies. In short, the therapies have helped to improve the appearance of her eyes, chicks, lips, and every other feature that adds up to define a woman’s beauty. Against these allegations, Bruni has held firmly on the argument that her looks are nothing more than products of good living and excellent make-up. First ladies and former first ladies have the honorable duty of setting trends of women’s beauty. Bruni might have hearkened to this duty in remaining natural, but she must contend with world of critics.

The Tale-tale Signs:

On various occasions, Bruni has appeared in public with a face that looks more than natural. The suppleness of her skin, the nice bulges of her cheeks, and the good-looking lips do not belong to a woman of her age. Many people believe that she places needless emphasis on her appearance in the hope of fitting well into her high position in the society. A few experts well-versed in the art of cosmetic therapy believe that Carla Bruni plastic surgery owes much to a meticulous botox treatment, facial fillers, and brow lifts. They also insist that Bruni might have undergone one or more cheek implants to retain the face of the model, which propelled her into world class recognition in the first place. The results of Carla Bruni plastic surgery seem to pose some ethical questions regarding the value of feminine beauty in the wake of social roles and public image.

Fending off Old Age Under the Surgeon’s Knife:

To what extent can a woman of means and status go in fending off the avalanche of old age? Resolving this question could offer some insight into the disturbing world of celebrities who duel against every odd to remain youthful. It is inappropriate to consider old age as some kind of plague that must be fought with every scientific means in the cosmetic theater. Some moralists have pondered whether the pursuit of plastic perfection is sustainable. In many ways, women in the celebrity world lose a lot when they let their beauty to diminish with age. To some of them, this change spells the unwelcome end of their careers, status, value, respect, and nearly everything that a woman uses to construct some citadel of feminine prestige. In the end, its Bruni’s word against the critics’ observations. Maybe she requires some benefit of doubt.