Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Christina Aguilera was born on the 18th of December 1980. She is a famous musician with followers from all over e world. Her talent was first discovered in the Star Search show back in 1990. After this major breakthrough, she went ahead and landed a starring role in Mickey Mouse Club. After this, her star shone brighter and she realized album after her album. Christina is an extremely beautiful woman who has caught the attention of both men and women. Her fame is hard earned but speculators are suggesting that her beauty is not all natural. It is rumored that she is another one of Hollywood beauties who relies on plastic surgery to look beautiful. Plastic surgery speculations concerning the celebrity have suggested that Christina Aguilera has transformed most of her body features to fit into the Hollywood’s concept of beauty. Her before and after photos are brought up for comparison and the difference is clearly visible. What puts speculators at loggerheads is the real reason behind this transformation.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Natural or Plastic Beauty? 

Christian Aguilera has always been a beauty. Even before the plastic surgery claims, her pretty natural features were always talked about. Most celebrities who enter into showbiz at a tender age fail to hold onto their naïve natural appearances for long. Somehow, the Hollywood pressure gets into their heads and they find it difficult to resist the temptation to look like the older celebrities in the industry. Christian Aguilera is rumored to having had her nose chiseled out, her breast and lips augmentated and a liposuction procedure. The celebrity has not come up in the open to either confirm or deny these allegations making it difficult to ascertain if there is any truth behind them. This does not completely rule out the validity of these speculations, the star has indeed undergone a transformation and plastic surgery could be one possible explanation. However, you should also consider that she entered showbiz at a very tender age and the difference in her body could be as a result of growth.

The Facials 

Speculations are that Christina Aguilera had her nose chiseled out from a wide to a narrow ridged nose. Rhinoplasty is a much sought after surgical procedure since it is believed to offer celebrities a chance to have an elegant long nose. There is also the possibility that the apparent difference in size and shape of her nose could be as result of make up. Makeup artists are paid handsomely in Hollywood not because celebrities have money to spend but because they are good at what they do. With proper application techniques, they can transform a wide nose to a thin and elegant one. Lip augmentation procedure is believed to be the reason behind her now full and sensuous lips. She is also thought to have undergone a liposuction procedure to bring her curves back. Being a mother of one, she has had to deal with the weight gain issue that accompany pregnancy and the weight loss that followed is thought be as a result of plastic surgery.

Breast Augmentation 

When she joined the showbiz industry, she was an A cup but later transformed to a C cup. Breast implants were thought to be the reason behind this transformation but there is also the possibility of growth. Women develop larger breasts once they grow. While pregnant wit her son, her C cups were turned into E cups which later reduced in size afterwards. It is not clear if the latter increase and decrease were associated with implants and breast reduction procedures or the normal changes women experience in pregnancy. Christina Aguilera is a beautiful woman and no wonder all the fuss about her looks. It seems that you will have to wait a little bit longer in order to know whether or not she is a natural beauty.