Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

While some celebrities are remembered for nearly all the films they are featured in others are remembered for one they best acted in. Gretchen Rossi is famously known for her role in the real housewives. If you have been following this series, you will notice that she has undergone some facial transformations especially after the fourth season. This difference is attested to plastic surgery. Like most of her fellow celebrities, she is thought to having had herself fixed up to keep up with the competition in Hollywood. Her before and after photos are trending on the internet and speculators have not wasted any time spotting the differences that can be termed as unnatural. Like any human being, she is expected to exhibit the growth changes. However, her changes cannot be termed as normal since most of them seem to defy natural order.

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries?

A comparison of her before and after photos shows that the celebrity might have altered some of her naturally given body features. It is speculated that her nose, lips, eyes, teeth and breasts are no longer natural. These speculations are based on the fact that these features have changed a great deal making the changes unnatural. Some of the plastic surgery speculations have been dismissed as being too farfetched especially when her high school picture was brought out for comparison with her recent picture. Those in her defense argued that the difference observed in these two could be as a result of normal growth changes. Gretchen has denied most of these speculations and has admitted to only two procedures. She claims she is a natural beauty but has only attempted to reverse the aging process. She has also attested some of eth changes to sophisticated makeup application techniques. However, speculators still claim that she appears to be hiding the truth in her statements.

The Surgery Claims

The rhinoplasty claims are based on the fact that she appears to have lost her wide nose to a slim narrow ridged nose. In her after pictures, her nose does look slender and elegant. She is also speculated to having had a breast implant. Her cup size has increased in a considerable amount. From her high school photos, you can observe that her teeth have a different shape and it is thought that she has used dental veneers to transform them into what they are now. Some critic’s even argue that she has had a dental surgery and a teeth whitening procedure. Her lips too appear different. Her after photos show full and sensuous lips which give the pretty faced actress one of the sexiest appearances in Hollywood. Finally at her age, it is expected that she should already show the signs of aging but she looks almost twenty years younger, this is attested to the use of Botox.

What Does She Have to Say?

Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery speculations have elicited a reaction from her she has responded to all the allegations leveled against her and even went ahead to explain the reason behind some of the observed transformations. According to her, the only true of her plastic surgery speculations are Botox and lip fillers. She claims that her cup size seems different due t the fact that she wears a fifty dollar pushup bra. Her nose is as a result of sophisticated makeup application technique and not rhinoplasty as speculated. She does not deny having used the veneers but denies the dental surgery speculations. She has strongly refuted claims that her teeth are fake. Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery speculations keep trending on the internet and the only way left to ascertain the truth is to compare her before and after photos and make a decision.