Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Lil Kim is a famous rapper whose music has been sold all over the world. Her rapping skills have earned her lots of fame but her plastic surgery speculations seem to take her a step further in this competitive world of fame. When it comes to a celebrity like Lil Kim, the plastic surgery speculations surrounding her hits the gossip columns by storm since previous gossips of her have never been associated with plastic surgery. Most of her fans were shocked that pretty faced Lil Kim could also alter her looks through plastic surgery. Despite the fact that Hollywood is home to plastic surgery, the world has not given up in the hope that some celebrities will refuse to be affected by the outrageous definition of beauty in this industry and Lil Kim is one such celebrity. The thirty eight year old rapper is thought to having had a total of four procedures.

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery

What are Lil Kim Plastic Surgeries? 

A comparison f her before and after photos shows some changes in the celebrity’s appearance. This transformation is speculated to be plastic surgery based allegedly; she has had a rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, Botox injection and facial fillers. According to critics, this combination is the only bonafide explanation behind her transformed looks. When it comes to changes in appearances, it is sometimes argued that different make up application techniques result in this change. Lighting effects and picture alteration techniques are also known to give the impression of a transformed appearance. In Lil Kim’s case, the allegations cannot be completely ascertained since the she has openly denied them. However, she has not given any explanations behind the apparent change in her appearance. This denial has not deterred speculators from their course; they are still insisting that the star has indeed altered her looks through cosmetic surgery.

Botox and Facial Fillers 

At the age of 38, Lil Kim looks as fresh as ever. Her facial skin is free of wrinkles and there is no usual sagging of skin especially around the cheek area. This is thought o be the work of both Botox injections and facial fillers. Botox injections are injected right below the skin surface. They work on wrinkles by tightening the skin through the facial muscles. Botox has an effect on the facial muscles and too much use may hinder facial movement. The good thing is that Kim seems to be aware of this fact and has used the injection in moderation. Just like the Botox, fillers are also injected below the surface of the skin. Most celebrities who use Botox combine it with fillers. Facial fillers hold the fats and skin together by adding firm flesh. It is alleged that Kim has been able to combat sagging cheeks through the fillers.

Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgeries 

The eyelid surgery is a procedure common among people who want to reverse the aging process. When people age, the rate of metabolism becomes slow and most of the fats are not processed but deposited in different areas of the body. The famous eye bags for instance are one fat disposition area. In order to deal with this, an eyelid surgery is performed to rid the eye region off these excess fats. The surgery also straightens out the skin just above the top lid. The lack of eye bags and wrinkled skin on the rappers eyes is a possible result of eyelid surgery. The rhinoplasty procedure is the last of Lil Kim plastic surgery. The transformation from a wide nostril to a thin nostril and pointed tip nose is also not though to be natural. Although Lil Kim has denied all the plastic surgery allegations leveled against her, if there is some truth in them, all her surgeries were a great success.