Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Cindy Crawford is an American supermodel widely known for her breathtaking looks. She has always enjoyed a successful career thanks to her never changing youthful looks. During the 80’s and 90’s her career and fame skyrocketed and she was atop many celebrity gossip columns. If you look at her before photos, you will notice that she looks almost the same. No signs of the toll of time on her face. It is difficult to believe that this kind of skin rejuvenation is a natural occurrence. Sexy Cindy is a mother of two and it is further expected that the fat deposits and usual skin sags that accompany childbirth should have already formed at different parts of her body. However, Cindy’ tight body makes you even doubt that she has ever given birth. As if to further emphasize her case graceful aging, she has been selected as a cover model four times by a single magazine. Since cover modeling goes with the physical beauty, Cindy must have done something beyond exercise and diets to hold onto her youthful looks.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

How True Are These Speculations? 

Most celebrity plastic surgery speculations trend on the internet unconfirmed. However, Cindy Crawford plastic surgery rumors are no longer speculations but the truth. The star confirmed the plastic surgery claims and let the world in on the other secret behind her ever glowing skin. She did not just shock the speculators by this news but also by the length of time within which she had been indulging in the anti aging surgical procedures. She revealed that for over 11 years she had been using plastic surgery to reverse the aging process. Luckily for her, the evidently prolonged use of plastic surgery procedures has not have a negative effect on her. She is still the same sexy Cindy Crawford.

Botox Claims 

Whenever aged celebrities show up with tight facial skin like that of a teenager, plastic surgery speculations are centered on either Botox or a facelift. Botox is loved by most celebrities since it is a non invasive procedure. When the former playboy cover girl failed to age as expected, it was immediately speculated that she had been on Botox. She later confirmed these claims while speaking to the Ladies Home journal. However, she also added that she was scared of over indulging in Botox since it is not safe. Over indulgence hinders muscle movement and most celebrities who have overindulged in Botox can barely manage a smile. To avoid suffering a similar fate, the star turned to another skin softening procedure called the microdermabrasion. The procedure smoothens the face by straightening out all the wrinkles. This procedure is much safer than Botox. The super model also hinted on how she uses her hair to camouflage her age. According to her, the hair is one of the giveaways of an aging woman. Coloring your hair in the right manner takes away some few years off your face.

Cindy Crawford after Plastic Surgery 

Looking at her before and after photos, you won’t help but admire the American model. She is spectacular. Her sense of style and elegant is evident in all of her pictures. She did not go wrong with any of the plastic surgery procedures. Her choice to refrain from too much Botox was necessary as she looks young and natural. With the help of the second skin rejuvenating procedure, Cindy has managed to take her career a step further. The enviable beauty knows what is best for her and knows too well when enough is enough. Cindy Crawford plastic surgery is one of the plastic surgery success stories of Hollywood.