Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She is an American fashion model, actress and singer famous for being the sister to Lindsay Lohan. She was born on the 22nd of December 1993, and raised in Long Island. She is among the American children actresses who made their first appearances n show biz at a very tender age of 3. She begun as a fashion model for the ford agency and later joined other agencies that saw her grow into the renowned fashion model she is now. She has also appeared on campaign magazines like the teen vogue. With her profile and her relationship to Lindsay who is a controversial actress in Hollywood, there is little doubt that she cannot manage to escape public attention and media scrutiny. When she showed up with extremely dramatic transformations, she gave speculators something to talk about, news trending on social media sites claimed that she had indulged in surgical procedures.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

What Does Lindsay Have To Say? 

Judging from her reaction, Lindsay was not at all pleased by the allegations leveled against her little sister. She slammed eth accusations and claimed that her younger sister is a natural beauty who se transformation is as a result of the normal growth processes. This seems fair enough considering the youngster’s age but then again the transformations are too over the roof to be termed natural. Lindsay has also claimed that Ali has lost weight and this should explain the changes n her face, a thing speculators’ are finding difficult to believe.

What Does Her Agency Have To Say? 

According to Alexis Borges who is the director of the modeling agency the star is working with, Ali is natural. He echoes the reasons offered by Lindsay to be behind the pretty faced actress’s transformations and claims that they advice their models to take proper care of themselves and cosmetic surgery is out of question. He slammed the allegations as malicious rumors and asked the media to look at her changes as they would of any girl who is growing up. Despite this strong defense team, the speculations are yet to die. Judging from the reactions from her fans and critics at large, very few are convinced that she has transformed naturally.

Surgery Results 

If you compare the results of her before and after photos you will arrive at the conclusion that the actress looked much better in her before photos. The transformations did not work on her favor since she looks very different but in a weird manner. It is not advisable for young celebrities to indulge in cosmetic procedures given that most of them have what it takes to win the crowds and the procedures simply take away all their beauty. Ali Lohan plastic surgery is one such procedure that failed to produce the desired results and instead resulted in weird changes. She is lucky that the speculations have not affected her career and she is still considered one of the most talented American fashion models with her agency rising up in her defense.

What Does She Have To Say? 

Like her sister, she has vehemently denied the allegations and claimed that she is only interested in her work. She claims that she has her sister to learn from and cosmetic surgery and drugs are no go zones for her. She has admitted having been offered drugs by her fellow models but she has turned these offers down. She is close to her sister Lindsay and maybe you should take her word for truth. The controversial allegations based on her transformations are reduced to a matter of personal opinion. With her slamming the allegations, it is clear that you will have to look at her before and after photos to know whether or not to believe her.