Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Andie MacDowell was born as Rosalie Anderson MacDowell on the 21st of April 1958 in Gaffney South Carolina. She is an actress and a model who has established herself in the industry. She began her acting career back in the 80’s when she modeled for the Vogue magazine. She was then featured in television commercials and campaigns like Anne Klein and Bill Blass. Her appearance in Bill boards located at the Times Square saw her transformed to a big time actress which enabled her release her debut in 1984. Hence forth, her star shone bright as she won herself television and film movie roles together with modeling roles in the competitive showbiz industry. She is no longer the sassy youngster she used to be but her beauty is still with her even in her old age. At her age, she could pass for a woman in her thirties with her smooth rejuvenated skin. It is speculated that she has indulged in cosmetic surgery to beat aging.

Andie MacDowell Face Lift

The secret behind Andrea MacDowell’s radiant skin in her later years is associated with the skilled hands of a cosmetic surgeon. Even though the results suggest a moderate indulgence, it is not so difficult to tell that she has had some works performed on her. She has managed to remain nice and firm where it counts. Her face is free of wrinkles, crow feet, laugh lines and sagging cheeks. This is not a usual occurrence for a woman of her age. Even with the use of natural anti aging methods like diets and exercise, the results cannot be as perfect as what you see on her face. Despite her silence most critics and surgeons believe that she indeed has benefited from a few nips and tucks.

What Critics Have to Say 

According to Dr. Paul Nassif, the actress has benefited from Botox procedure. This he says has enabled her stay wrinkle free but at the same time tightened her facial muses enough to maintain normal facial movement. He adds that she has also benefited from facial fillers. Dr. Michel Salzhauer is also in agreement with Dr. Nassif, he reports evidence of Botox on her face. On the other hand, Dr. Youn argues that her soft and plump cheeks are as a result of fat injections. He also observes that the change in her upper lip is suggestive of filler injections to achieve the tout pout look. The three surgeons are impressed with her surgery results on the claim that they evidence procedures done to precision and by skilled hands. All the mentioned changes suit the celebrity.

Andie MacDowell Boob Job

The other of Andrea Macdowell plastic surgery includes a boob job, facelift and eyelid surgery. Allegedly, sources close to the celebrity revealed hat she had her boobs done back in the 80’s when she was still a teenager. Breast augmentation procedures are considered number one surgical procedures for young girls and it is not surprising that she had this procedure then. These rumors are backed up with the fact that the shape and size of her boobs have remained constant despite the many years she has lived. Natural breasts succumb to nature but those which defy nature are highly suggestive of silicone implants. The eyelid surgery speculations are based on the fact that the actress does not have any traces of eye bags which should have already formed around her eyes. Instead of them closing up, they are wide open. This is common among people who have had the bags removed and lids pulled open. Although she has chosen to remain tight lipped over these allegations, she is an example of the good side of surgery.