Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

n a rather unwelcome twist of events, Ashlee Simpson has been attracting a lot of renewed interest from fans and critics because of some plastic rumors around her nose. There is no reason to doubt that Ashlee is one of America’s most talented celebrities. She has walked with gradual and measured steps out of her sister’s shadow and managed to set up her own world in a way that appeals and thrills. When her elder sister, Jessica Simpson introduced her to the rigors of stardom through a reality show, some naysayers imagined that she would simply melt away in oblivion. However, the release of her own album Autobiography and her impressive performance in “The Ashlee Simpson “Show proved to the world that she was miles ahead of their suspicions. However, some recent rumors about a nose job are quickly threatening to ruin some love and praise, which she has earned from the celebrity world.

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Why the Critics Insist on the Rumor of Ashlee Simpson Nose Job:

It appears as if Ashlee Simpson will have to face up with the ugly reality of adverse publicity even as she endeavors to portray the very best to the public. The celebrity rumor mills have been in high gear churning out one crazy tale after another with regard to Ashlee’s alleged new appearance. A section of the speculating public believes that the 29-year-old Ashlee went under the knife to fix her nose in line with dimensions required by the Hollywood standards. She understood very well that the path to stardom is paved with a few surgical procedures to remove all evidence of imperfection. Although she has never admitted going under the surgeon’s knife, many of her critics have used every illustration and every argument to suggest that Ashlee’s current appearance is largely a result of rhinoplasty.

Searching for evidence on plastic surgery from the before and after photos:

Many critics have more than enough photos to show the world that two vastly different versions of Ashlee Simpson exist. According to their view, the first Ashlee Simpson is the innocent girl who developed her wings in the warmth of her sister’s support and influence. This version of Ashlee is more relaxed and calm and features a slightly broad nose and nothing very spectacular about her other facial features. The second version of Ashlee appears a bit aggressive and shows off a finely shaped nose that is narrower at the bridge compared to the previous photos. This evidence in pictures have interesting points to make, but it would require more than photos to show proof of plastic surgery on a celebrity who walks the world of stardom with confidence and great personality.

Did Ashlee succumb to Hollywood’s pressure to conform?

Young celebrities go under the knife for many different reasons. Some do it because they see others undergoing the procedures. Others have very many genuine reasons to seek the intervention of plastic surgeons. In the case of Ashlee, there is no clear reason why she valued the procedure instead of her natural beauty. Many beauty analysts rank her as one the finest celebrities in the United States. Her fans believe that Ashlee should not have undergone any procedures to correct the shape of her nose. Others feel that she was justified because beauty is part and parcel of the celebrity world. These conflicting positions show that the pressure on celebrities to conform leads many to opt for plastic surgery.

Some people think that Ashlee may seek other surgical procedures on other parts of her body:

Analysts who have sought to analyze Ashlee’s character and personality insist that the famed celebrity has a subtle wild side that rarely comes to the surface. Those who buy into this line of thinking believe that Ashlee will eventually make some outrageous decisions with regard to her body and beauty. The fear among those who love and adore Ashlee is that the celebrity may get addicted to the surgeons knife. Many before her have destroyed their images because of plastic surgery addiction. Many continue to hope for the best outcome in Ashlee’s every endeavor.