Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 2nd of July 1985 in West Deal Section New Jersey. She started her acting career way back in childhood with her initial appearances in television commercial. She was famous as a child as she is now and starred in over 100 television commercials and plays different roles in both theatre and television shows. The 29 year old actress was brought to the limelight in 2006 when she played the role of Sharpay Evans in the film High School musicals. Her fame has then risen since then to transform her to the enviable celebrity she is now. She is an actress, singer and producer. With her profile and pretty looks, it comes without saying that she is under the microscope of celebrity bloggers since news on her is considered a hot cake. When she openly admitted to having has a nose job as a medical procedure, there was a fuss in the celebrity world over the reality in her statement.

Ashley Tisdale Nose Job

Medical or Cosmetic Procedure? 

Ashley Tisdale nose job is a source of controversy since not every critic believe in her story. Most celebrities are in the habit o coming up with weird stories to justify the works they have performed on them. As a youngster, it is expected that she aspires to become a great celebrity and has to find a means of achieving a competitive edge. Looks come in handy at this point because Hollywood is not a place on only talent but beauty too. In fact beauty precedes talent in this industry. However, there is also the possibility that she could be honest in her reason for seeking a corrective rhinoplasty. Plastic surgery is not only for aesthetic function but ahs a medical value to it. Hers is not an isolated case and all you have to do is decide whether or not you should take her word for truth.

What Is Her Medical Condition? 

According to the sassy actress, she has been suffering from a deviated septum which was making it difficult for her to breath. She claims that she has always known she had this problem since she was young but had always managed. The condition grew worse and forced her to seek medical attention and her doctor told her septum had deviated 80 percent. At this point, the celebrity claims that she could no longer breathe through her right nostril. With the surgery, the condition was fixed and now she can breathe better. As a singer, she really needed to get her breathing problems fixed given that she needs all her breath to enable a performance. It is a pity that she had no choice but to alter her nose in order to fix her problem.

Surgery Results 

Despite the surgery being carried out as a medical condition, it is natural that the world is interested in her after nose. Unfortunately, it is not as good as her before nose. The new nose does not auger well with her face and it faults her beauty but not so much. The problem is that this difference is noticeable and her fans will not quit talking about it. But if that is what it takes to ensure the actress stays healthy, the r is not so much you can do but to support her wholeheartedly. She has received mild criticism mainly because her procedure is associated with a medical condition , where it not for this fact, she could be in the most dreaded list of worst plastic surgeries in Hollywood. She has assured her fans that she is no supporter of cosmetic surgery and that if she had the procedure it was due to the reason she stated.