Alyson Hannigan Boob Job

Alyson Hannigan Boob Job

Alyson Hannigan Boob Job – Before and After Pictures

Alyson Hannigan on March 24, 1974, is an American actress was born in Washington DC, United States of America, her name was revealed to the public when she got a role as Willow Rosenberg in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Afterwards, she became even more popular when she acted as Lily Aldrin in the How I Met Your Mother, a CBS sitcom. She also acted as Michelle Flaherty in the American Pie series of films. The question whether Alyson Hannigan is naturally beautiful or has undergone surgical procedures to enhance her beauty is being speculated upon by many people. The question came when people observed that her appearance has changed much compared to her first appearance on TV. Recently her reputation has been tarnished by rumors that she has undergone several surgical procedures to make her appearance much youthful or younger. According to the rumors the changes noticed in her appearance from the comparison of her before and after pictures on internet are a very noticeable Breast augmentation, a cleverly done nose job and a face that looks younger, without wrinkles or crow’s feet line and just too tight for a her 40 years, which is suspected to be as a result of a Botox injections and a facelift.

Alyson Hannigan Boob Job

Face lift

Rumors based on comparative before and after pictures of Alyson on internet claim that she has had a facelift and botox injections because her face looks tighter, younger and has no crow’s feet line or wrinkles. Her face definitely looks like that of a far much younger person than her real age, which is believed by many people not achievable by natural methods. Whether the changes to her face were naturally or artificially induced is not officially confirmed but she sure looks younger than her age and goes well together with Alyson Hannigans boob job.

Alyson Hannigan boob job

After the shot of first American Pie film, Alyson Hannigan is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery so as to get hot. She had a boob job which increased her breast size to 32B. Before surgery, she was barely an A cup, so this was actually a huge growth’ in the size of her breasts. Although some people attribute the increase in the size of her breasts to her recent pregnancy which led to a subsequent weight gain, many others still believe it is because of her breast implants going up a cup (ish) instead of doing 2-3 cup sizes done by many girls making them look goofy, which is a smart choice for Alyson. Whether she underwent the surgery or not is left to speculation but sure looks very hot and her breasts are a definite compliment to her young looking face.

Alyson Hannigan nose job

Alyson is known for her sharp and beautiful nose which is one of the captivating parts of her face, that is why her nose is also rumored have undergone a cleverly done plastic surgery.

The nose surgery Alyson underwent may seem to be like a hoax but from the comparison between her before and after pictures, her nose might seem to look sharper and also its size is pretty much different with her past nose’s size back when she was young just played just in shows.

Cheek and implants and lip augmentation

There are subtle indications of her having undergone some lip augmentation and gone for cheek implants on her face thus resulting in her younger look. According to the rumors her cheeks have been observed to appear slightly less defined at certain points of her life but this might be due to the natural fluctuation of weight rather than plastic surgery as speculated by many people.


Plastic Surgery rumors especially Alyson Hannigan boob job are not unfamiliar among celebrities because celebrity plastic surgeries have become the norm among Hollywood celebrities such that any slight changes in the appearance of celebrities including growth’ in breast sizes, changes on facial features and many other spark rumors of them having undergone plastic surgery. Very many speculations and debates have come up from different people including fans and plastic surgeons about the new, different and young look of Alysons face and Alyson Hannigan boob job. The truth about her alleged plastic surgeries is not yet known as she has not come forth to officially deny or confirm the rumors and allegations. Whether she underwent those surgeries is or not is left to speculation but she sure looks very fantastic and continues to impress doing a good job in how I met your mother.