John Kerry Plastic Surgery

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery speculations have always been an interesting topic but not as interesting as when the microscope lenses are focused on politicians. Not just any other politician but a male politician for that matter. Apparently, it is not only showbiz celebrities who have the need to cling unto their youthful looks, even the politicians need it and for what? Maybe to represent you with a better face. John Kerry plastic surgery speculations introduced a new twist in celebrity gossip. The speculations were not just about an influential politician but a male politician who had attempted more than one surgical procedure. It is not a new phenomenon in America, plastic surgery is the in thing but most men venture into this world with lots of caution. The bold surgery choices made by the senator do not spell out caution; they suggest a desperate attempt to kiss old age goodbye.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery

What Surgeries Has John Kerry Had?

When you look at John Kerry’s surgeries choice, you are tempted to believe that he got his inspiration from Marlo Thomas. Ushering his 70th year in 2014, John has had a number of anti ageing surgical procedures that date way back in 2012. During the celebration of Boston Bruins that was held in the White House, John Kerry caught the eyes of speculators with his black eyes and a nose that was described as hisbruisedn. He tried to explain this away with a supposed nasty spill during a hockey game. However, it seems the senator undermined the ambitiousness of these speculators. They dug further into his case and came up with a facelift, brow lift, facial fillers, Botox injections and nose job, a complete replica of Mario Thomas plastic surgery. People come up with weird explanations when it comes to hiding the fact that they have had a surgical procedure. Nasty spill? Nice try senator, considering how strategic the spill had just affected the eye and nose area.

Has John Kerry Confirmed His Surgery Speculations?

From the start, it was clear that the senator was not willing to confirm any of the surgery allegations. He gave the nasty spill explanations and went quite after that. This does not mean that what he said should be taken for the truth. After all, he is a politician. There are a number of accredited cosmetic surgery experts who have looked into his case and confirmed the surgery allegations. According to Tina Alster, the senator has limited movement especially on the left side of his face. This is as a result of Botox and facelift. For Bary Cohen, it is not simply a case of limited movement but no movement at all within the whole face. Dr. Savalia further confirms the Botox allegations and explains that it is among the surgeries behind the transformations on the senator’s face. To seal the senator’s case, the drudge report observes that he no longer has that tired look that was characteristic of his face. The senator did not just wake up one morning and found this look gone, there is no doubt that the anti ageing surgical procedures were of great help to him.

Surgery Results

The results of John Kerry plastic surgery are quite controversial. As much as the facial fillers and facelift have dealt with the sunken cheeks and wrinkles respectively, these procedures have interfered with normal activities. In fact, there are critics who accuse him of mutilating his face. Of late, you will notice that the senator is suffering form speech impediment, it is believed that a chin surgery is the cause of this. John Kerry should invest in policies other than in looks; after all in politics policies are more important than looks. It is very clear that the side effects of the surgery are too much for him to handle.