Andrea Mitchell Age

Andrea Mitchell Age

Andrea Mitchell Age – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 30th of October 1946 to Cecile and Sidney Mitchell. She is followed by the reputation of an edgy reporter who once put the president of Sudan to task and had to be sent out of the conference room. Despite this, her career has been a great success. She is a television journalist, reporter and anchor and at the same time a correspondent for NBC news. She was raised by a Jewish family based in Rochelle New York. The veteran news reporter has been giving America news as early as in the eighties through working for NBC news since 1987. A public figure with her job and profile means that she is the centre of attention. Her life is bound to be pried into and her appearance is not excluded from the usual celebrity gossips. At the age of 69, the television anchor is looking young, refreshed and strong. Could she be benefiting from regular nips and tucks? This is the question on the mind of every blogger.

Andrea Mitchell Age

What Is Wrong With Andrea Mitchell Age? 

There is nothing wrong with the celebrity’s age except that she looks to young her age. It is impossible to determine her age by a simple look since this will send you guessing the wrong way. She has managed to take off more than two decades from her face. The pretty faced Andrea has had gossipers speculating over the surgeries she must have been benefiting from. Stars like her who have not been associated with any surgical procedures throughout their careers do not make the work of speculators any easier. Additionally, her surgeries are not obvious and so without her letting the world in on her secret to defying old age, everyone will keep guessing how she manages to hang onto her vibrant youthful look even when she is just one year shy of 70.

Her Facials 

The NBC news correspondent still boosts of a smooth and wrinkle free face. She does not even suffer from the usual skin sags, crow feet and turkey neck like her age mates. She is all youthful in appearance and body. The rumor that she is on anti aging procedures is not hard to believe but difficult to prove. If she has had these procedures, she chose the subtle and moderate methods of having them and has also benefited from the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon. It is speculated that she is benefiting from a facelift, Botox, and possibly laser treatments and chemical peels. While face lift and Botox are skin tightening and wrinkle eradication procedures respectively, laser treatments and chemical peels do not only eradicate the tell tale signs of old age but they also go a long way in eradicating acne. The smooth, shinny and spotless Andrea Mitchell’s face is suggestive of the combination of these procedures.

What Does He Have to Say? 

She has vehemently denied these allegations insinuating that she has turned to natural means of fighting old age. The known natural means include exercise, healthy eating and some proper skin care techniques. However, as much as these procedures reduce the aging process considerably, their results are not as flawless as the ones witnesses on the American news anchor. She is a television personality and her decision to have her looks attended to is understandable. Show biz is all about looks, talent takes the second position and without proper self care, one can easily find him or herself replaced. The debate on Andrea Mitchell age will go on for a long time since she has denied the allegations but speculators are not yet willing to let go.