Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 29th of March 1955 in East End London to Greek parents John Sirtis and Despira. She is an English -American actress who emigrated into the United Sates at the age of 31 and became a United States citizen by naturalization. Her decision to go into drama and acting was taken against her parent’s wish. She defied them and went ahead to audition for the Guildhali School of Music and Drama where she was taken in. This marked the beginning of her successful acting career. She is famous for her role as Deanna Troi, the counselor in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. She is not just another pretty face but a talented actress who has been awarded roles in many other movies and series. She has also graced the famous plastic surgery list. As it is the norm among speculators, as soon as a celebrity shows up with transformations be they magnificent or not, they are suspected to have benefited from surgery.

Marina Sirtis Plastic Surgery

What is her surgery? 

Marina Sirtis plastic surgery is a breast implants. According to speculators, the actress has not shown any signs of other surgeries except a sudden increase in her cup size. It is important to know that celebrities just like the rest of human beings can undergo body changes but when it comes to some celebrity, their changes occur all of a sudden in a manner that defies natural order. Marina’s cup grew sizes larger and became denser and firmer. She went for the slightly huge implants to suit her not so small body frame. She is currently 59 years of age but it is speculated that she must have had her implants at the age of 30. Looking at her photos, her breasts are still firm and not saggy as it would be expected of a woman of her age.

What Does She Have To Say? 

Very few celebrities are truthful regarding how natural they are. Thankfully, Marina did not follow the deny code of Hollywood celebrity when it comes to plastic surgery. She confirmed the allegations leveled against her and expressed regret over her decision to go for the procedure. According to her, when she first had the implants, she was too excited for life and she loved their firmness and proportion to her body size, however, after that, she had to deal with the repercussions of having the huge implants on her chest. They were too heavy she says, and her back has suffered a great deal. She even considered having the implants removed but she is yet to carry out the procedure. Plastic surgery is often referred to as the double edged sword; most of the procedures come with side effects even after the surgery has been a success.

Surgery Results 

She is among the beneficiaries of plastic surgery. The actress has enjoyed a great deal of attention for her lovely body frame that has been accentuated with her boobs. Her clothes fit better making her an elegant and stunning Hollywood sex symbol. The surgery gave her what she and many other Hollywood celebrities dream of having. Despite the fact that she has had to deal with the back issues associated with the weight of the implants on her chest, her image and career have experience and uptick. She was more confident of herself and her beauty. At the age of 59, she can no longer be called young and her back is getting frailer, she has had a successful career and having the implants removed at this point is a welcome idea. The actress can instead turn to push up bras since they are a healthier option to breast augmentation.