Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Toni Braxton is a successful singer who has 6 Grammy awards to her name. despite her talent and success, her career has been full of ups and downs ranging from her sale of 6 million copies of her album to health related issues and bankruptcy. The last two have toiled on her popularity and success as a musician. The award winning singer and songwriter is followed by fresh plastic surgery speculations. There is an evident difference in her appearance. Cosmetic surgery is not new in Hollywood in fact with the stigma slowly waning away, it has become a norm. Celebrities are struggling to fit into Hollywood beauty ideals and a nip and tuck in the right places seems to bet the easiest ticket. Her plastic surgery speculations came as a surprise to most of her fans but in Hollywood, it is assumed that nearly all the celebrities have benefited from these procedures.

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries? 

Speculators on her case claim that the sassy musician has had a total of four surgeries. Allegedly, she has had the number one surgery for young women in Hollywood: breast implants. She has also had the looks accentuating procedure: nose job. Some critics have also associated her graceful aging with cosmetic surgery. At the age of 46, she does not strike you as a woman in her forties but in her mid twenties. Botox and cheek fillers have been thought to be her anti aging procedures. Her choices in surgery do not come as a surprise. Most of Hollywood celebrities have had similar procedures and those who had good surgeons have not regretted their choices. A pretty face and the right body size is an asset in showbiz and it is no surprise when celebrities try to hold onto these assets through any available means.

What Does Tony Braxton Has To Say? 

In her memoir, the star has openly shared with her world how tumultuous her life as a celebrity has been. She admits that she has never loved her body since it was nothing close to a celebrity’s body. However, her desire to achieve a perfect body often clashed with her personal beliefs. She managed to overcome her beliefs and later turned to plastic surgery to accentuate her nose and breasts. She also claimed that she wanted to have a liposuction procedure in her inner thighs, a procedure that has not yet been confirmed. With a profile like hers, plastic surgery comes as a necessity since looks are everything in show biz. Luckily for her, her surgeries went well. The rhinoplasty, a procedure for women looking to have the elegant Hollywood has given her a perfect nose augments well with her face.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Critics are past criticizing celebrities for turning to plastic surgery. They instead appreciate celebrities whose surgeries have bore amazing results. Toni Braxton plastic surgery is a successful surgery. Despite the anti aging surgical procedure claims, the star singer has managed to hang onto her natural appearances. Looking at her face, nothing seems out of place. She is younger and vibrant but natural. She has not confirmed the anti aging procedures but accredited surgeons argue that the lack of wrinkles and sagging cheeks at the age of 46 is impossible without some works. The success of her procedures is attested to her decision to go light on her surgical procedures. For women like Toni, plastic surgery is a bridge to success by giving them a heightened sense of self esteem. We hope that with her new looks; the star actress will be able to bounce back into her career.