Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

In Hollywood, it is not compulsory for you to be a celebrity by the virtue participating directly in showbiz, being related to a celebrity is reason enough for you to be brought to the limelight. Tina Knowles is the mother to a very high profile celebrity Beyonce Knowles and naturally she is not new to celebrity gossip topics. After she divorced from Matthew Knowles over his love child with Alexsandra Wright, it is claimed that the mother of the successful American pop star was a physical and emotional wreck. The speculated plastic surgery procedures are thought to be one of her recovery tactics. Her public appearance fueled these speculations further since she appeared refreshed and younger with one of her facial features accentuated. Tina is not looking to be a Hollywood symbol but her speculated procedures have transformed her into an admirable mommy.

Tina Knowles Plastic Surgery

Why Did Tina Have The Said Surgeries? 

According to her, the surgeries where suggested by her daughter. Beyonce has publicly admitted that her mom needed an adventure to spice up her life and transforming her appearance was what was considered the best thing. After buying her mom an apartment in Houston Texas worth 5.9 million US dollars, it looks like the American singing sensation managed to convince her mom to have not only one but three procedures. Being the mother to such a pretty faced celebrity, there is no doubt that Tina had the looks and with proper and careful accentuations, she could easily be transformed into the beauty she is now. The much younger Tina has joined the list of great mommy makeovers and this new attention and appreciation must provide her what she needed to get over her emotional drain. Her youthful looks are the talk of most bloggers and she has become the new envy of moms.

What Are Her Surgeries? 

Nose job, facelift and Botox are the speculated Tina Knowles plastic surgery. In her after photos, it can be seen that she has lost her relatively fat and wide ridged nose to the narrow ridged nose typical of Hollywood celebrities. Her face is not the typical face of a sixty year old woman. Instead of the usual wrinkles, laugh lines and sagging cheeks, she has the smooth wrinkle free face associated with the anti aging procedures. Facelift and Botox are used in combination to ensure that all traces of old age are combated. The non invasive Botox injection works by strengthening facial muscles to prevent further aging. When administered in the right amounts, it goes a long way in taking off a considerable number of years from the user’s face. A facelift on the other hand reverses the aging process by stretching and tightening the facial skin. The stretching naturally lines out the wrinkled skin.

Surgery Results 

With her natural striking looks, it is no surprise that Tina is a better looking mommy with her subtle procedures. She is much younger and refreshed. All the traces of old age have been eliminated and her new nose has made her prettier. Plastic surgery is no longer a thing reserved for the celebrities and ordinary people have also benefited from it. Even though the results of Tina Knowles plastic surgery have proved controversial, her looks have transformed for the better and the signs of old age are no longer visible on her face. She is now a camera confident woman owing to her refreshed looks. Thanks to plastic surgery, another woman has held onto her youthful appearance and her self esteem has been heightened. Tina should stick to the too little rule of plastic surgery in case of any more future surgeries.