Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Ann-Margret Olsson just turned 73 on April 28 and still looks great and a lot younger than her actual age. She has earned a number of accolades thanks to her acting career and her singing career earned her the name the female Elvis Presley back in the 60s just as she was starting out. Her beauty has spanned decades and even at her age she could still turn heads hence speculations that she has had some help to maintain her beauty and youthful experience. The only publicly known Ann Margret plastic surgery happened in 1972 after she fell 22 feet off a stage scaffold that left her with five fractured facial bones, jaw and left arm as well as a concussion requiring her to get reconstructive surgery.

Ann Margret Plastic Surgery

Possible Cosmetic Procedures

Many plastic surgeons speculate that the still beautiful Swedish-American actress cum dancer and singer has definitely had a number of procedures to maintain her appearance. These include a facelift which would explain why her face looks that tight at her age without any sagging and which has been amazingly done, facial fillers which would account for her nicely pumped cheeks and which give her a youthful look, Botox injections hence the lack of wrinkles and signs of aging that would normally be apparent around the eyes and mouth on anyone in her age bracket and an eyelid lift as well that reduces the effects of aging around the eyes eliminating wrinkles or making them less noticeable. A number of plastic surgeons do agree that she has had multiple cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery to enhance her appearance.

Surgery Done Right

Despite the number of procedures that she needs to have done to look like she’s in her late thirties instead of her early seventies, which is really graceful aging, she does not look like a guinea pig for surgical procedures like other plastic surgery cases. Her face looks natural and there are no exaggerations or unfortunate disfigurements which are unfortunately rather common with people who have gone under the knife several times. Ann Margret plastic surgery could be used as the hallmark of the right way to do cosmetic surgery and even more importantly how to look ageless. However, her face is not the only part of her body that looks well maintained though it is one of the parts that make women most envious around the world, she also has an amazing figure that she maintains by working out thrice a week with her trainer which is really impressive as well as regular Saturday morning walks with three of her former dancers.

A Life Well Lived

Ann Margret’s beautiful legs are still kicking even after all these years. She has had an amazing career and is still doing it after earning her first Emmy in 2010 and is scheduled to have a recurring role in the series, Ray Donovan aired by Showtime. She has also been a fiercely loyal wife for 46 years to her husband, Roger Smith whom she met in 1965 while working on Once a Thief. The beauty of Ann Margret is less in that she has been able to keep her youthful appearance even with seven decades under her belt and more with the fact that she knows that plastic surgery only enhances the beauty that is already there and is not a miracle in itself. Having lived her life in full with love in her life only makes the results of her plastic surgery that much better because the beauty shines through. Ann Margret plastic surgery has only enhanced a woman who was already beautiful.