Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Billy crystal is a renowned American comedian who has attained a considerable amount of success in his career. He has been nominated nine times as the host of the academy awards, a role that surely does not come easy. While he hosted the 84th academy nominations, all eyes were on him but not for the usual reason; after all it was not his first time to host such a magnificent event. Billy had transformed in a magnificent way. This unusual transformation spoke volumes of just how many times he might have visited the surgeons. His sense of humor was still intact but physically, Billy was not the ordinary Billy. Apparently, the king of comedy and one time winner of an American comedy award had invested his cash in reversing the aging process. With their keen eyes, speculators readily noted the differences in his before and after images and prepared one of the juiciest stories on Billy Crystal plastic surgery that attended in every celebrity gossip column.

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

What Are Billy Crystal’s Surgeries? 

There is no doubt that the aging Billy looks very different from the young Billy. However, it is not the usual kind of different that suggests the toil of time. This difference suggests a facial reconstruction procedure together with anti aging surgical procedures. It is speculated that the comedy sensation has had dermal injections, facial fillers, fat grafting, facelift, eyelid surgery and Botox injection. You have to see his after face for you to understand why all these surgeries have been speculated. He is removed from his natural appearance so much that he is almost unrecognizable. A combination of all these surgical procedures surely needs surgeons who know what they are doing. However, the star did not seem to be lucky in this area, his surgeon’s must have been unsure of what they were doing or Billy’s choices were just too much for one face.

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Most critics are in agreement with the fact that the star looks unnatural. His face looks overstuffed and unreal. Despite the fact that the wrinkles and sagging cheeks have been dealt with, this is not a relief for Billy since he still has to deal with the fact that all the natural in his face is gone. According to Dr. Terry Dubroco, Billy looks unnatural and the surgeries do not match his face in any way. Dr. Anthony Young also adds that the wrinkle free facial skin could be as a result of skin laser tightening procedures and facial fillers which appear to be overly done. However, Dr. Paul Nassif argues that Billy is not so unnatural due to surgeries but due to old age. He argues that weight gain is a characteristic of old age and Billy’s puffed face is as a result of weight gain and not overly done procedures. However he also observes there is evidence of face lifts.

Billy Crystal Surgery Results

Overindulgence has always been an issue with Hollywood celebrities who seek plastic surgery procedures. They go over the roof in trying to fulfill their ambitions, a thing that destroys them. There is not as many positive things to say about Billy Crystal plastic surgery. The procedures were too much and the results were quite damaging. His face appears to have lost its original shape and his facial features their naturalness. He looks plastic, no doubt about that. Corrective procedures would help a lot. Additionally, some critics suggest that he goes for a neck lift since he looks weird with a tight face and turkey neck. Luckily for Billy, the not so amazing surgery results have not taken away his knack for humor, and all that you can hope for him is that his humor will transcend the negative plastic surgery results.