Ashley Benson Boob Job

Ashley Benson Boob Job

Ashley Benson Boob Job – Before and After Pictures

It’s not exactly a secret that Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has had some breast augmentation done. The before and after pictures make a pretty clear case that this twenty four year old starlet has been seeing the doctor for more than just her yearly check-up. You can get a great look at the dramatic difference in Spring Breakers, where you can see Benson in a bikini and in her birthday suit, displaying the aftereffects of a masterful boob job.

Ashley Benson Boob Job

Beach Party

Benson was recently seen with her breasts out on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. What’s worse (or better?) was that someone was there with a camera to catch a photograph of her with her bikini top missing in action. Beson, 24, was either skinny-dipping or doing some unconventional public tanning. She had good sense enough to keep her bikini bottoms on. The explicit photo of her with her breasts just ‘hanging out’ was leaked by Perez Hilton, among others.

Pretty Little…*Ahem*

In this candid camera shot, an unaware Benson sits on a beach beside her friend and costar Shay Mitchell (his fedora is visible on the side). But her bodacious body steals the show. Benson, a petite 120 pound blonde now with 34B breasts, has no reason to be shy for the camera, even if it is an anonymous stranger’s phone camera. Her perky, shapely breasts are really something to behold. Thankfully, Benson (or her plastic surgeons) showed sensible restraint in the upgrade, not going out of control. To look at her you’d never suspect she’d had a boob job (if all pictures and media appearances prior to it had been destroyed). Benson hasn’t acknowledged her surgery publically, but doesn’t seem shy about her breasts. Maybe she’s just waiting for someone to ask.

Augmented Development

This is certainly the first time we’ve seen Ashley Benson topless out in the wild, although she has been flirting with taking it all off in some of her past outfits. At a screener for 2012’s oddball indie art house film Spring Breakers, in which she plays a lead role, she was seen sporting an outfit that showed serious cleavage and side boob (or should I say inside boob? You’ll have to see the picture to get it). In Spring Breakers, she actually filmed a few scenes naked, so this was only partly new territory. Definitely worth watching for some of those shots, although it’s a really weird movie, and pretty graphic. For example that year she was co-nominated for a ‘Best Kiss’ MTV Movie Award, a three way between her, James Franco, and Vanessa Hudgens. Obviously, Benson has no problem playing it dirty, and compared to some seasons in Breakers, a picture of her breasts is a walk in the park.

Flirting with the Press

Although the usual reaction to a ‘nip-slip’ might be embarrassment and regret, Ashley Benson clearly has decided to own her breasts and her sexuality. Clearly she’s trying to give the impression that to her, a little casual nudity is no big deal. And so far, she hasn’t received much criticism from anybody. It seems doubtful that she’ll be fired from Pretty Little Liars, her hit ABC Family show. On the show, she plays the popular diva who ‘owns it’. Maybe she’s starting to show that the real Ashley Benson isn’t too far away from her character.