Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Ashley Judd has the rare beauty and brains combination. She is a terrific actress and a relentless activist. Her acting career has spanned more than two decades. Fans know her for her memorable leading actress roles in popular films such Dolphin Tale, Where the heart Is, Kiss the Girls, and Ruby in Paradise among others. To cap it all, she has a Masters Degree in public administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She is among the countable academic achievers in Hollywood. She has a positive public image as she refrains from exposing too much flesh or using her sex appeal to advance her career. The power of her beauty cannot be undermined or understated. Whether or not a female celebrity has undergone plastic surgery, she is always trailed by plastic surgery rumours. Ashley Judd has recently been trailed by plastic surgery rumours. She has passionately denied the rumours and condemned the media for spreading them.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Rumours

Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumours began circulating after she was spotted with a puffy pace when she appeared to promote a new crime series on a Canadian talk show in 2012. Both the mainstream media and social media went wild with claims that the puffy cheeks and lifted eyebrows were a result of a backfired Botox injection. Many fans were disappointed because they thought Ashley Judd was a beautiful, wonderful, and intelligent woman who would not have to go under the surgeon’s knife to validate her beauty.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Face Lift

Fans and celebrity watchers suspected that Ashley Judd had had a face lift. Her cheeks looked puffy, full, and round; an odd appearance because she had not gained any weight on the rest of her body. Leading media outlets opined that she was displaying the symptoms of a condition known as a “pillow face”, which occurs when a person overuses facial fillers. The result of overusing fillers is that the face develops an exaggerated, artificial, and comical round appearance. Fans expressed indignation because they felt that one of their favourite actresses had ruined her naturally beautiful and slender face.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Media Frenzy

The media had a field day over allegations that Ashley Judd had gone under the surgeon’s knife. Media outlets outdid themselves to spread the allegations that the fabulous actress had finally succumbed to cosmetic surgery temptations. Having been born in 1968, Ashley Judd turned 44 in 2012. It was speculated that insecurities over her advancing age and losing roles to younger actresses had triggered her move to consult a plastic surgeon.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Denial and Media Condemnation 

Ashley Judd criticized and condemned the media over the frenzy that ensued after claims that she had had plastic surgery. She claimed that the media handled the matter in a misogynistic and sexist manner that objectified all women. According to her, the media frenzy was an assault on the body image of women that was meant to degrade their sexuality and perpetuate body image insecurities. She revealed that the real cause of her puffy face was a serious flu and sinus infection. She had been under a heavy prescription of medication, including steroids, which has the side effects of causing patients to appear puffy or bloated.

Ashley Judd plastic surgery rumours clearly show that sometimes plastic surgery allegations are false and can be blown out of proportion. Ashley Jude is a natural beauty who is enjoying ageing gracefully in her forties. She is content with her appearance and strongly feels that women should not rely on their external appearance to validate their worth. All female celebrities are constantly accused of going under the knife. The reality of the matter is that not all female celebrities are plastic surgery enthusiasts. It is important to proceed with caution with regard to plastic surgery rumours so as to separate the true ones from the false ones.