Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Callista Loiuse Bisek on the 4th of March 1966. She is the daughter to Alphonse Emil Bisek and Bernita Bisek. She is also the President of Gingrich Productions and wife to Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is obviously a high profiled person with a lot of money, enough to buy herself a qualified pair of hands to transform her into what she wants to look like. News of her surgery were circulating all over social media sites with her name carried among the not so good surgeries. Her circulating photos do no so positive changes; instead, she looks a bit weird and unnatural. Plastic surgery is always bound to go wrong when its rules are not adhered to. It is no secret that she went about altering her looks the wrong way. At the age of 48, she has had too many surgeries most of which were not so well done making her look a bit older than her age.

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

What Includes Her Surgeries?

Her face is deteriorating and her beauty waning way at a very fast rate, a thing that is not normal for rich celebrities since they have all the financial means to care for their skin in the most expensive way possible. However, her plastic surgeries are termed as dramatic and she is unable to deny the fact that she went a bit over board. Being a public figure, she has resorted to ducking the questions regarding her surgery. It is thought that she has had multiple surgeries including brow lift, fillers, facelift and Botox. Clearly, all she wanted to do was to get rid of old age but she was thoroughly disappointed. No one would want a botched face but the unfortunate reality is that once you decide to indulge in plastic surgery, you are already risking having a botched face.

The Facials 

The brow lift was not professionally done and the result is an elevated brow in an unnatural manner. While the Botox was not overdone in terms of hindering facial movement, she has been accused of overdoing it to the point of making her face unrealistically smooth for an old woman. This is what makes her surgery so obvious since she does not look natural. Surgery is best done in little amounts so as to ensure a balance between plastic and natural. The best plastic surgery procedures are those which leave people unsure of whether or not the procedure was carried out. She also had fillers injected on her temples, this is usually done to prevent sagging of the cheeks .the full temples make her face appear swollen. As much as her choice of surgery was objective, something went wrong and there is a high probability that she was handled by inexperienced surgeons.

What Critics Think

When plastic surgery results go wrong, they attract the attention of many. Dr. Paul Nassif, an accredited surgeon says that although he has not had the chance to attend to the president of Gingrich Productions, there is definitely something wrong with how the surgeries were carried out. She also adds that the surgeries were too much for her age and this contributed a great deal to the waning away of Callista’s beauty. An unfortunate reality that Callista has to wake up to every morning all because she was afraid of getting old. At this point, you cannot afford to doubt that she would look better old than what she is now. It is time that she should consider reversing the damage on her face by going for corrective procedures or simply laying off the surgeries especially the Botox and fillers