Aubrey O’Day Weight Loss

Aubrey O'Day Weight Loss

Aubrey O’Day Weight Loss – Before and After Pictures


Aubrey O’ Day is a 29 year old singer who is known for not hold anything back. When she was in the Danity Kane group, she had some weight on. Recent photos show a totally different person. The new Aubrey O’ Day has a slim gorgeous body. She has been boasting about her new looks to the whole world through Instagram. It seems she is really proud of her new body.

Aubrey O'Day Weight Loss

Aubrey O’ Day bad eating habits

Aubrey O’ Day weight has repeatedly been affected by her diet. This was majorly attributed to soda and fast foods. A photo was taken of her wearing a booty short, and on her hand a soda and burger. She received a lot of criticism from the public due to this photo. Some were wondering how she managed to get out of the house looking like that. The Danity Kane singer has taken a stand to say no to them so as to maintain her body shape for good.

Aubrey O’ Day weight loss attributions

She posted photos thanking Barry’s Bootcamp. This is known as one of the best workouts in the world. It incorporates both strength training and cardio in its classes. Aubrey O’ Day is known for going on hiking with her dog. Of course almost everyone in Los Angeles does this, but it is surely paying off for her. Barry’s Bootcamp is known for having even a backward treadmill running. It also does floor workouts with weights. Is Bootcamp the main ingredient for Aubrey O’ Day weight loss? Photos show her tummy being completely flat and her waist small.

It is rumored that Aubrey O’ Day weight loss is due to her Danity Kane group making a comeback. It is said that the group is in studio recording a third album. Aubrey O’ Day wanted to appear gorgeous as the group made a comeback. Who wouldn’t want to view the group with such a body shape in there? This will be one reason for many fans to like and follow up with the group’s progress.

Aubrey O’ Day would run long distances for long and feel completely exhausted. This was one thing she wanted to avoid. So what other better way to curb this than to have a body weight loss? Her trainer made her run for miles and miles. She was feeling so tired and worn out. Almost throwing up. This made her to make serious decisions concerning her diet. Aubrey O’ Day runs 3-10 miles a day to ensure that her body figure is at its best state. She compares what she takes to how much she works out in the day. This helps to retain her body size.

Aubrey take on weight loss

She says eating a certain type of meal always does not really help. She does not believe in pills either. She says that one losses weight during this period and once one is off the program, the weight comes back on. She adds that no one can eat like that forever. It is not normal or human. She however denies any claims of plastic surgery to reduce her body fat.

Benefits of Aubrey O’ Day weight loss

Her career skyrocketed just after she left Danity Kane. It became hard for magazines and TV shows to get an interview with her. As far as plastic surgery is concerned, Aubrey O’ Day appears to have undergone a facelift, breast and buttock augmentation.