Ben Savage Nose Job

Ben Savage Nose Job

Ben Savage Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Who doesn’t know Ben Savage? We can excuse those who were not born, or didn’t own a television, in the 80s and 90s. This is the time when Ben was featuring in the television show ‘Boy Meets World’. The show was an enjoyable comedy about a young boy, Corey Mathews, who went through trials and tribulations during his public school life. Ben Savage plays the young boy in the show. That’s enough about the show. Let’s now get back on our topic; Ben Savage nose job. This is interesting. Maybe it’s only him who knows whether his nose went through the knife or not.


This discussion has been driven by the reprisal of the ‘Boy Meets World’ show. The show has been relaunched in a different form; in a sequel form. This time round, it’s ‘Girl Meets World’. It was then Corey Mathews but now its Corey’s daughter. The new show still features Ben Savage, although he is playing a different role. He plays the father of the ‘Girl’ character. Everyone is happy to see Savage back in front of the camera.

The new show is cool and great. However, not everything in the show is familiar; the name is different and some characters are unfamiliar. Even Ben Savage has been noted to have a different appearance. The new appearance is great but we have to acknowledge the notable changes. In his first show, he was young but now he is fully grown. His appearance might have been brought by the normal aging. But, notably, the changes to his nose are exaggerated. It’s too pointy and thin. Is there a possibility that Ben has had rhinoplasty to streamline his nose?

It’s important not to jump into an early conclusion regarding Ben Savage nose job. There is a possibility that his nose changed from the bulbous nose to a streamlined nose due to aging. However, the degree with which his nose has been thinned is too much. Such a change can only be associated with some kind of plastic surgery. Does it mean a nose job is what he went to do when he took the long break from the TV?

Behind every celebrity cosmetic procedure, there must be some speculation. Why did he decide to appear older with this thin nose? Cosmetic reasons are the core reason as to why celebrities do plastic surgery. Simply, Savage wanted to appear as a different character in the new show ‘Girl Meets World’. Some sources claim that he wanted to appear as the “Cool Dad” in the new show. I think that is comic. Other sources, close to Savage, claim that the procedure was aimed at correcting a deviated septum that he developed after his nose broke. They say Ben Savage nose job was more of a necessity than a cosmetic procedure. This is because he had breathing difficulties as a result of the nose break. All these sources are trying to explain why Savage has a pointy and thin nose.

Ben Savage’s rhinoplasty is his secret. There is no official word given about it. It’s possible that the rest of information you get is just speculation. Furthermore, we don’t know him in person. However, it’s hard to convince someone that his thin and pointy nose is the result of aging. Anyone who has watched ‘Boy Meets World’, and can remember the Savage character well, can conclude that Savage’s nose is the result of rhinoplasty. If you compare his ‘Before’ photos with the ‘ After’ photos, nose job is evident.

Funny enough, everything that Ben Savage presents to the audience causes emotions. Right from the first show, to the second show, and finally to the rumor about his cosmetic procedure, they all trigger emotions. People have expressed different reactions, disappointments, and madness on social media. My advice to everyone is that they save their reactions, disappointments, and madness for another occasion. It doesn’t matter whether Ben Savage nose job is the truth or just a rumor. His nose might not be the best on television but it’s still his nose. Furthermore, he had the best Friday show on TV ever.